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Dec 8, 2009 05:43 AM

Coming to Austin for New Year's Eve 2009, recommendations?

We're looking for a nice NYE dinner in Austin, somewhere in the neighborhood of $200/couple. We've made reservations at Perla's but are open to change.

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  1. I got the following in the mail today from Dai Due -

    * * * *

    Join us for a New Year's Eve feast at the beautiful Hotel Saint Cecilia, featuring a local menu and wines from around the world. This winter menu will reflect the best that Central Texas has to offer; oysters, antelope, seafood, citrus, fresh vegetables and local cheeses. Shining, fragrant Meyer lemons; field-harvested wild Texas antelope; shamelessly hoarded butterbeans (we've been stockpiling just for New Year's); traditional Italian New Year's sausages (served with the beans for luck and the kale for wealth); fresh flounder; bright Winter herbs; boneless whole ducks stuffed with sweetbreads, bacon, brioche and herbs, then glazed with Guajillo honey and orange; Pola, Pure Luck, Veldhuizen, Wateroak and Full Quiver cheeses; satsuma tangerines and post-coffee chocolates and pralines round out the night. Champagne toasts, too. All wine and live music included, and rooms are still available at the hotel for the night.

    Raw Gulf Oysters with Meyer Lemon
    Antelope Tartare
    Red Snapper Ceviche

    Butterbean Soup
    with Kale and Cotechino Sausage

    Flounder baked in Cabbage Leaves
    with Butter and Herbs

    Duck Saint Cecilia

    Local Cheeses

    Texas Citrus Parfait

    Coffee, Mint Tisane
    Petit Fours

    $200 per person, includes live music by the Jazz Pharaohs' Stanley Smith with Lauren Gurgiolo, wine pairings with dinner, and champagne toast at midnight.

    To reserve your seats, please contact the hotel at: or call (512)852-2423. Call soon - seats are limited!

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    1. re: brentwood

      I am going to the Dai Due dinner. I have been to several, and have enjoyed all of them thoroughly.

      1. re: brentwood

        Think zacmccoy wanted to spend $200 per couple, not per person.

      2. Got the email yesterday that if you reserve a table at Uchi for 10pm or later on New Year's Eve, they throw in a free bottle of Prosecco. They are also featuring a mysterious new dessert which I haven't tried but sounds enticing: "Chocolate-Maple-Scotch-Tobacco." Not sure what other special menu items they may be featuring for NYE though. Is Perla's having a special menu?

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        1. re: femmenikita

          that chocolate maple scotch tobacco dessert is splendiferous. i could have done without the chocolate sorbet, as all the other flavors were so perfect together.

          the tobacco is that the "creamy tube" thing is soaked/infused in cigar-tea. the scotch, maple, and pecans are awesome.

          for me, the chocolate flavor in the sorbet was too strong to eat with the other dessert components.

          luckily, my dining companion was happy enough to eat all of it.


        2. jezebel has two seatings-- one is $89 and the other is $125

          the menu looks pretty tasty.

          also? parkside is $100/person, with an open bar from 10-2

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          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Parkside is $60 for a 4-course prix fixe. I believe the $100 event is more of a 6th street-style party on their balcony with DJ, drinks, snacks, etc.