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Candy shops for stocking stuffers? [MSP]

I'm trying to brainstorm where I can find some off-beat candy stuff for stockings this year. In the past I always had success at Cost Plus (yes, chain, i know) but they had a great selection of unusual and sometimes off-the-wall stocking stuffers. I'm having a hard time thinking of something comparable.

I'm already planning on checking out Fiesta in America at MGM and Patina. Any other suggestions?


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  1. A candy shop that has a large variety of items (i.e., more thatn just chocolates) is Regina's Candies on the NW corner of St.Clair and Fairview in St. Paul. Also, believe it or not, Tuesday Morning stores get in some candy and foodstuff items that might be similar to what you've found at Cost Plus in the past.

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        I was going to suggest Regina's too. Love that place!

      2. I've not been there yet (and I think, but am not certain that they're open), but there's a new candy store opening at 38th and Grand called Sugar Sugar. According to this report - http://www.swjournal.com/index.php?pu... - "chocolate bars from around the world will be the specialty, but the shop will also carry a variety of nostalgic sweets such as Sugar Babies, Skybars and Valomilk cups, as well as unusual treats including chocolate mustaches on a stick and chocolate-covered cocoa beans from independent candy makers."

        Don't know if that's what you're looking for, but I'm going to try to check it out soon. Their website - http://www.sugar-sugarcandy.com/ - doesn't give any more info.

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          This place is great. I stopped in and got a lot of tasty treats including some violet candies that were weird and wonderful at the same time. They have some old timey candies and lots of chocolate. Very nice.

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            Thanks for the update Churchka. I'll have to head over there sometime soon!

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              What are the violet candies? Candied violets? I think of them as more decorative than anything though.

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                They are Choward's Violet Mints. And they taste exactly like you think violets would taste. They are bizarre and good at the same time.

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              sugar sugar is great, esp for gifting candy. the woman that was running (owner?) the shop was fantastic to talk to, she was like a sommelier of candy.

            3. Not sure if they'd have the off-beat stuff you seek, but they have nostalgic (and I'm all about the candy rocks and candy lego pieces) but Candy Land, two in downtown Mpls and one in downtown St. Paul might meet your needs. Like an old-fashioned candy shop, with great popcorn.

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                Not to diss Candyland - it's quite nice, at least in the St. Paul incarnation - but Regina's is waaaaaay better.

                Better yet - United Noodle for the Japanese, Taiwanese, and other Asian candy.

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                  The Chicago Mix (popcorn) from Candyland (St. Paul location) is absolutely impossible to resist. I'm supposed to bring a tin of it home with me for family gatherings and the year I didn't... well, let's just say they've never let me forget it.

                  It has to be fresh, though, meaning, you have to wait in that stupidly long line if you're buying it on Christmas Eve for Christmas Day. And, P.S. I don't think it would make a good stocking stuffer for the OP. But, it is worth keeping in mind for other occasions.


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                    You're right - the Chicago Mix popcorn from Candyland is WONDERFUL!!!! I think it might even be better than Chicago's best from Garrett's popcorn. (I work within a few blocks of Candyland, so it's a terrible temptation. At least Garrett's is several states away....)

                    And that's a great idea - Candyland popcorn for Christmas day. I was wondering what to put in people's stockings! (Along with those coconut clusters from Regina's.)


              2. I've had good luck finding the candy I remember from my childhood at Simply Nuts and More in Excelsior. Goofy name but a fun shop: http://simplynutsandmore.com/

                1. you might want to check out Trader Joes. Not as good as Cost Plus....miss their assortment. No one really fills that niche entirely.

                  Oh-Try Ikea too.

                  1. Holy Land imports those chocolate eggs with toys inside--Kinder Surprise. Technically they're illegal, but what force has law in a country where KFC Double Downs are eaten in broad daylight?

                    1. I like to check out the Asian, Indian and Mexican specialty markets around town or out of town. Anything ethnic is fun and unique.

                      1. What about that candy shop on Cedar Avenue in south Minneapolis - is it called the Candy Jar? My daughter and I found some fun stuff in there once, but we're easy to please. (She and her team won a trivia quiz today in class at MCTC, and we've been nibbling on the caramel kisses that were the prize all evening!)

                        1. this isn't a rec for a store, but i know what i would love to find in my stocking-- some b.t. mcelrath chocolate. salty dog candy bar. . . .mmmmm. a little high end, esp with the truffle packs, but hey its the holidays.

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                            Sugar, Sugar at 38th and Grand in Minneapolis specializes in unique and hard to find candy. The shop is SO adorable and is the foodie's candy store. All of their candy is in glass jars and they have some great items!

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                              The toddler and I stopped in here today...and she immediately turned into Veruca Salt "I want! I want! I want the BLUE ONE" (didn't matter what it was, she just wanted it in BLUE). We walked out with a tasty little bag of treats, including violet candies, gummy worms, pomegranite jelly beans, and my favorite! Wafer flying saucers. The best part was when we arrived there was a gaggle of preteen girls buying goodies, and they took it upon themselves to make recommendations to us. It was very sweet, they were so excited about the unique candy.."It tastes like SOAP. But in a good way!" hee

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                                I went to Sugar Sugar today too! OMG! They had absinthe & limoncello candies for my mixologist husband, I got a chocolate mustache on a stick, a fleur de sel chocolate bar, pomegranate chocolate bars, black licorice caramels (to die for!), & sour gummi worms that blow the Superamerica variety out of the water. And the gift item I'd intended to get as featured on Heavy Table. This place is perfect for offbeat candy stocking stuffers.

                                1. re: Josie

                                  I grew up in mom and dad's corner grocery store, lots of penny candy for sale. Sugar Sugar is a blast from the past: blackjack gum, 2 types of malted milk balls, maryjanes. The only thing that they didn't have were the hard dots on paper strips. The charming propietor said she rotates her stock and does carry them at times. I think I'll go back for a few hallowween goodies for some special goblins. Sunday morning was very busy, folks waiting for tables at the 2 busy corner bistros spent some time like we did confection browsing.

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                                    Stymie, we were digging up the garden this afternoon when the urge hit me for some sour gummi worms. I sent my 7 year old around the corner on his first solo trip to a store, destination Sugar Sugar. He must have been a little anxious about it, since he forgot to get himself a treat, but we all enjoyed the candy as we were breaking down the garden, & he's already planning his next trip. I love that shop-glad to hear it was busy!