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Dec 8, 2009 05:30 AM

Any good waterfront restaurant in Sheepshead Bay?

I'm tired of the city and going to City Island. I have never ate in Sheepshead Bay waterfront. We don't eat red meat, so preferable good pasta & fish! This is for mother's birthday. Any suggestions?

I heard Il Fornetto is bad, but what about their seafood?

Or any other place would be great: Coney Island, Howard Beach, Far Rockaway, Astoria, Brooklyn heights? Thanks!

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  1. The only one that comes to mind in Sheepshead Bay is the venerable Randazzo's Clam Bar and the reviews have always been very mixed for this place.

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    1. re: Scagnetti

      We always have had a great time at RANDAZZO'S. An authentic Brooklyn experience. Real "old school"

      Seafood is excellent, especially everything fried. Their sauce is the best in the world.

      We usually have the Lobster Fra Diavolo for a divine dinner for two

      We haven't been since Jackie passed away earlier this year. She was a gracious hostess, and always sent us home with a container of special sauce. She will be missed.

      Randazzo's Clam Bar
      2023 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

    2. What about Jordan's Lobster Dock? I haven't been myself but hear good things.

      There's also Nick's Lobster & Fish Market on Flatbush Ave

      Or try Giando on the Water

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      1. re: Jack_

        Jordan's is not so much "on the water" as in a lot next to the water. And this time of year you'd probably have to eat inside, which is pretty fast-foody in atmosphere. Quality is debatable, haven't been for a few years but I know I'm not crazy about their lobster roll. (I used to get a hunk of grilled swordfish, which was probably straight from the freezer but made me happy enough.)

        Nick's, OTOH, is a nice location and more "restauranty" atmosphere. Went there once, I liked it fine, spouse did not. Never heard a single good word about it here.

        Soooo, for a special occasion, I'm not sure I'd recommend either. For just hanging around, sure.

        1. re: scooter

          Yea, I agree. But the views at Giando are pretty nice

      2. "Any good waterfront restaurant in Sheepshead Bay? "
        "I'm tired of the city and going to City Island"

        Try the 'Other Island' AKA: Staten Island...
        Lots of options.

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        1. re: Tay

          Excellent Greek on Emmons Ave called Yiasou. Superb grilled fish and seafood. There's a Turkish place too called Liman, but I'd go for Yiasou.

          1. re: Wet Towel

            Thanks guys! I might consider Yiasou. I heard the portions in Liman's are small?!

            I did look into Staten Island- they have so many!