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Dec 8, 2009 04:27 AM

Odyssey Cruise

I am thinking of ideas for my wife for NYE this year. I would like for us to get dressed up nice and go somplace real nice for dinner and dancing.

I have been looking at the Odyssey web page and they offer what appears to be a nice dinner cruise with dancing and view of the fireworks. Has anyone ever done a dinner cruise on Odyssey or Spirit of Boston?

I am leaning towards Odyssey, but am open for other ideas by the way. We are early 30's and it will be just the two of us.

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  1. I went on the Spirit of Boston with a group from work a number of years ago.

    I found it to be an impersonal experience. We were on the boat with a number of unrelated groups and individuals. But that aspect of it would be no different from going to a large restaurant on NYE. At that time, there was also a third rate floor show with the waitstaff acting as entertainment.

    However, if you are mostly interested in the scenery and fireworks, this might work for you. The dinner itself will be buffet quality, nothing memorable.

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    1. re: allgimbel

      Second everything you said. Great place to vew the fireworks but mid level food.

      A nice way to spend NYE if you want to see the fireworks is dinner in the NE at Prezza or wherever, and then walk out to Commercial or Long Wharf and you'll have a great view...and be able to leave when you feel like it instead of waiting for the boat to dock

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        Agree with both of the above. We have done the dinner cruise and, for a couple, it is pretty impersonal with average food. That said, the overall experience was still fun.
        Our best NYE, albeit not cheap, was to rent an upper floor, harbor view room at the Customs House tower, have a great meal before, and have an intimate, ringside view of the fireworks with a bottle of good bubbly.

    2. I think allgimbel is spot-on about the food on Odyssey: forgettable and not worth the premium for the scenery. I'd go further and say that I avoid cruises like I avoid The Cheesecake Factory for another reason. You are dining with a bunch of strangers, many of whom are going to exhibit typical New Year's Eve behavior: they don't get out much and they're overindulging in alcohol. This is your highest-probability night of the year to get your shoes puked on by someone you don't know. It's a prescription for torture.

      However, unlike in a restaurant on New Year's Eve -- which in most cases is a bad idea for exactly the same reasons, New Year's Eve menus being in the same class of swindle as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day prix fixes -- you have the added issue of being trapped. Unless you're willing to dive overboard and swim for shore, you are there for the duration. If you have a change of heart in a restaurant, decide the atmosphere and the company and the food aren't everything you dreamed they would be, at least you can escape.

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        100 % agree. Any food that I've ever had on a Boston harbor cruise has been forgettable at best. Much like what you would get at a buffet lunch/dinner in your average hotel ballroom. And let's not forget a fact that if you are out for a NYE dinner on a boat if something you or another diner eats or drinks disagrees with their stomach you are trapped on a rocking boat with no escape.

        Through the years, my husband and I have had many different NYE experiences. Most places that advertise as having a special NYE event make you pay a premium for it and you often end up feeling ripped off. We went to a few events at bars/clubs back in the day where they charge upwards of $100 a person with promises of appetizer buffet and free champagne toast. They packed so many people in it was difficult to get anywhere near where they were serving the apps or champagne.

        We had the prix fixe NYE menu at a few Boston area restaurants as well including Upstairs on the Square and Clio. The Clio meal and service was great as it should've been for the price. The Upstairs meal was less expensive but the meal was just okay and the service was umm odd.

        Our best NYE's are when we go to a dinner/cocktail party at a friends or make our own fun by dining at a more casual ethnic restaurant (Indian, Thai, etc.) and then roam around and see the sites and fireworks.

      2. I found the food to be terrible...not worth it at all. I'm sure the scenery will be nice though.

        1. Don't even think about doing this!!!

          1. Been on both for work events and the food was pretty meh. So it really depends what your priorities are in making your plans. If food is near the top, bad idea. If being on the water with a great view of the fireworks is the highest priority (and you don't mind being trapped on a boat) then this would fit the bill. For me personally, I'd pretty much have to have a gun to my head to do it again. I would second the idea of going somewhere low key and then wandering over to the waterfront for fireworks, I have done that and had a great time.

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            1. re: GretchenS

              Thanks so much everybody! So that idea is out!!!!! I didn't even think of being trapped on a boat for so long!!!!

              What about other ideas though? Looked at some of the above and none jump out at me. My priority is atmosphere, then I would say food. I would like something with maybe live music (jazz or somthing) and dancing. I live in wakefield, ma but will travel if it is worth the trip!!!!

              1. re: mwbachta

                I know nothing about how crowded it will be, but perhaps you would enjoy one of these packages from the Regatta Bar (jazz bar) at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square:
                I have really enjoyed Henrietta's Table in the past and, though I haven't been in years, find the Regatta Bar to be generally a very relaxing, nice space. It looks like they will have dancing. Nothing is cheap but I assume the boat wasn't either.