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Dec 8, 2009 03:50 AM


I was quick enough & lucky enough to get 2 seats at the Nomiya restaraunt on top of the Palais de Tokyo. I have only read David Lebovitz review & would love to hear on any one elses experience if you dont mind sharing ..... I am quite excited about it but also want to know a little of what to expect ..... thanks!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Richard Hesse of Paris Update is a reliable source and recounted his experience here

        1. Lunching there tomorrow. Will report!

          1. Sorry this took me so long to get around to....

            Art Home – pronouncé Arome, ….Nomiya…. the kooky pod atop the Palais de Tokyo for one year only. Table d’Hote meets performance art. 12 guests, only one lunch and one dinner per day. Got up three mornings in a row at 3:30am in New York to book this. Totally unusual and totally worth it. Started with Champagne and two amuses, each on a porcelain Chinese Spoon: Caviar de Haring avec kiwi, and Caviar de exocet (flying fish) et pomme verte. Started with Potage Potimarron avec pesto, chorizo, et truffes (very good, if a bit predictable) and seared foie gras, with pain d’epice, sauce de pommes avec Romarin, and endive braise. Good, though a bit fruity and sweet. Finished with Gateau Savarin, creme Chantilly au Cassis et guimauve. With both courses, had Chateau Barbanau, Cotes de Provence. 60€ per person. Amazing spot. Amazing views. Interesting crowd. Memorable.

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              Sounds very cool. I'm going to try and book for myself and my daughter in May. How were most people dressed? We are in Paris for 4 days only so I don't really want to bring fancy clothes if I don't have to.

              Thanks for reporting back.


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                casual but dressy. Like for a party, which it was.