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Dec 8, 2009 03:10 AM

Self Catering New Years Eve

Hello - My husband & I will be in Paris from 27th Dec to the 2nd & will be joined by 6 other friends for NYE. We are lucky to have the use of a friends small appartment in Montemarte & our friends have hired a 3 bedroom appatment near by. Our plan is to dine at the big appartment & then head out for fireworks & join the festivities on the streets & bars.

I am looking for recomendations on any near by food markets that I can buy quality food. My thoughts at the moment are oysters (& perhaps some other seafood) foie gras, quail, cheese, wine & a premade dessert of sorts. would like to keep it relativly simple as I am not sure of what the self contained appt actually contains in the kitchen.

I can pre order the food if needed but would aim to collect & buy on Thursday the 31st if possible. Are markets actually open over the holiday period?

Also, I realise that there are many wine shops located through out the city but I was wondering if there are any larger warehouse type outlets that may offer delivery and perhaps discount on bulk buying?

any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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  1. By Montmartre, I suppose you mean the Butte Montmartre. The Butte is big. Are you on the Caulaincourt side or the Abbesses side.
    One great self-catering gourmet thing to do is to order a seafood platter. (You will probably need 2 platters.) Just tell the poisonnerie how many oysters (region, size), crab, shrimp, sea snail, etc. It will be much much less expensive than ordering from a restaurant and will be just as fresh if not fresher. For the Butte, one wonderful poissonnerie comes to mind: the one on the angle of rue Lepic and rue des Abbesses.
    The platters are - as you can imagine - huge. You need some muscle men to lug two platters home. In my experience, when friends saw those platters two things happen: they drool and grow muscle.
    By the way the rue Lepic market is in general of very good quality. Charcuterie Langlois (across the street from the Amélie café (2 Moulins) is esp good. Also, a little down the hill on rue des Martyrs, Les Papilles Gourmands has great foie gras and pâtés.
    Rue des Martyrs has two excellent pastry shops: Seurre and Delmontel.
    I have not heard of wine warehouse deliveries. Paris has many neighborhood-based wine shops, which may explain why this practice is not in the moeurs. You can try the very good vintner Cave Lya on rue d’Orsel. All those shops deliver for a fee.
    Cheese: ferme St Hubert on 36 Rue de Rochechouart. Daniel Rose steered me there after I tasted his beurre Bordier aux Algues and wanted more. And more.
    Lastly, excuse me for nagging, for all ordering for holiday pigout, better order early. The market is open on 31st but will be a mad house. I would buy everything earlier. With the seafood platter, you would need to order (and pay) earlier - order as soon as you arrive - but pick up sometime in late afternoon on 31st.

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    1. re: Parigi

      We are staying on rue Chappe & looking at the map & nearest Metro I will guess that it is on the Abbesses side.
      Thanks Parigi, your suggestions above sound fab & inline with what I was thinking. Bad timing though - it is lunch time & I am stuck at my desk - I, like your friends at the sight of the platter am drooling just at the thought of it.!!

      1. re: mavismango

        Great location.
        Btw; when you order a platter, the oysters will be opened, and the whole thing spread on a platter of ice. You pay a very small fee for the opening of oysters. Sometimes the platter too has a deposit which you get back when you return it.
        If the poissonnerie (first wrote poisonnerie, oops) tells you it is too late for an order of platter, which means they don't have enough labor to do all the preparation, you can still order the quantity of seafood with the oysters unopened. (Do you know how to open them? Wrap your hand in 2 layers of washcloths when you try.) But do get that taken care of when you arrive instead of waiting until 7pm on the 31st.
        You are close to all those places I recommended. 5 minutes from the poissonnerie on Abbesses-Lepic, 5 to 10 minutes to the other places. About 3 minutes to the caviste. About 5 minute to the big supermarket Champion on bld de Rochechouart-rue des Martyrs. About that Champion, its "Reflets de France" foie gras - the kind in a jar, not in a tin, - is actually quite good, - not as good as the kind one gets from farms in the southwest, but not bad for "grand surface" foie gras.
        O one last rec that you did not ask for. The fireworks are usually near the Eiffel Tower. It is not esp near you, and public transport that night will be grim. If I were you, I would just climb up to the top of the Butte - and you are very near the top - and find a spot with a view on Paris, maybe take a bottle of bubblies and watch the fireworks and celebrate there.

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          Parigi, as far as I know, NO fireworks on NY's eve.

          1. re: Dodo

            Thanx, Dodo. Just checked. You are right I'm wrong.

            1. re: Parigi

              Great tip on the fireworks, very much appreciated.

              Thanks again for you information, you have saved me from the hassle of running blind to try to find this out myself and given more time to enjoy the other things Paris has to offer.

    2. I'm sorry to hijack your post, but you got such good info, I could not resist!

      We will be there for NYE also and have decided to self-cater NYE dinner IF we can get figure out how. We'll be staying at Hôtel Eiffel Seine, 3 Boulevard Grenelle, close to Eiffel Tower in 15 arr. Any thoughts on where we should go for our catering essentials? Seafood platter, bread, sweets and wine? Thanks!

      BTW, we've never been before, but will be arriving on 12/27.

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      1. re: nicolemc

        There is a great market right on boulevrd Grenelle between rue Lourmel and rue du Commerce. You'll find everything you want and some things you didn't know you want. However I don't know if it is so cool to bring a seafood platter to your hotel room. The "aftermath" can get smelly...
        But you can certainly picnic in your room on some good foie gras, smoked salmon and bubblies…

        1. re: nicolemc

          rue de Lourmel also has Dubois, best cheese in town.

        2. For those that can read French, I just stumbled across an article in Le Figaro from last month on the best seafood platters. The article is located at

          The first link at the end of the article, entitled "Découvrez les résultats de notre test des plateaux de fruits de mer " opens up a PDF document that ranks the top 10 of the 15 or so that they tried. This should be easy to decipher even for non-French speakers. (Prices are for 2-person platters)

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          1. re: okaygo

            Those are seafood platters that you order in a restaurant, not from a poissonnerie. From my poissonnerie, the price comes to about 20 to 22 euro per person.
            For quality I also like Wepler's, but what a grim place.

            1. re: Parigi

              ah, thanks for pointing that out! I was wondering why the prices were so high