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Dec 7, 2009 09:53 PM

Diabetic grocery and sweets, where?

I am looking for grocery and "sweet" items for my diabetic Mom.

Have shopped at Foody's, she loves the white choc almonds, and went to Low Carb Grocery in Markham, didn't like the products.

I am looking for cakes, pies, and chocolates. B & M or Internet stores are good.

Will travel for ME Mom :)

Thank you and have a nice day.


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  1. Swiss Master Chocolatier at Bayview and York Mills makes truffles with sugar substitute. They aren't my favourite chocolates in the city, but the quality is certainly much higher than any mass produced diabetic chocolates.

    1. Via Bona Italian Bakery, at Markham Rd and Painted Post in Scarborough, sells no-sugar-added cookies and the like. I haven't tried them and don't know what they're sweetened with, but if you call them I'm sure you can find out if they would be suitable and/or worth the trip.


        Caroles Cheescake have a variety of low sugar offerings

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          I second Carole's Cheesecake; they're very good. My favourites are the Chocolate and Lemon.

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            They may not use sugar in these things, but they do use sugar alcohols, such as maltitol and xylitol. The OP should really ask his mother which of these her doctor permits, as everybody's different.

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              You're so right. I avoid Maltitol like the plague, as it makes me very ill (I'll spare you all the details).

              Ingredient lists can be found here: