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Dec 7, 2009 07:36 PM

3 days in Tokyo; Quintessence or L'Osier?


My wife and I were planning on staying in Tokyo for three days sometime between Christmas and New Year's. It's not our first visit, but given the occasion (first time traveling without our kid since he was born), we were trying to decide between Quintessence and L'Osier for dinner. We would be grateful if anyone could give us some advice on which restaurant to choose, and if we should maybe opt for lunch (if there are any perks to doing that).

Any other recommendation would also be helpful. I've recently heard of a rising star called Reverence as well.


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  1. I think if you want to book Quintessence, you have to do it right now because I had to call 30 to 40 times continuously exactly 2 months ahead (they only allow making reservation 2 months ahead) to make a reservation there.

    Reverence is not doing particularly good at Tabelog :

    1. L'Osier is classic French; Quintessence is French with Japanese ingredients and influence. Overall, based on the lunch experience in both places, I prefer Quintessence. But L'Osier scores better in service and ambiance. Like what Skyliber33 wrote above, if you have not booked in either place, the chance of getting a reservation for Christmas or NY is really slim.

      Another option is Edition Koji Shimomura.

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      1. re: FourSeasons

        I'm trying to shoot for one of the weekdays/nights in between, around the 27th-29th. Thanks for the information!

        At least in terms of French/non-Japanese cuisine, is the Michelin guide reliable?

        1. re: thehyperion

          Ah. Ah. The rating Michelin and their “Kinder Surprise’’, the 3 star Quintessence looks exactly like that :

          Not so an art of the 5 senses and an abstract of Quintessence ? Won`t be my “tasse of café” this one. Just had a good surprise at L`Osier and a lunch menu very very full provided.
          Walk as a pelerin in a warm kimono in a hot spring bath near Tokyo will be a nice set for two, I think.

          1. re: Ninisix

            To be more specific... I tried several 3 stars in France, and in Japan.
            Japan Chouwhound's know me as a big fan of Japaneses cuisine, but I can not help but feel there is huge gap between these restaurants.
            Great experience in France, ''just'' excellent food in the 3 stars in Tokyo (for Sushi), and not always that better than many good (0 star) restaurants, hot bath resorts,...
            Were Michelin staff too young too soft in Tokyo ? What other Japan Chowhound`s think and DelucaCheeseMonger ?

      2. lunch is easier to book, but usually the restaurants save the best for the dinner... more dishes..

        1. Hi Hyperion,
          I've tried to book L'osier for lunch as well, but unfortunately they are closed from the last week of Dec to 1st week of Jan. I'm not too sure of the exact dates, but perhaps call ahead or check out their website.

          I haven't tried Quintessence, but L'osier blew me away! ;)

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          1. re: eaterri

            L'osier's apparently closed, and there's a bit of a waitlist for Quintessence. Instead, we booked a dinner at Edition Koji Shimomura.

            Thank you everyone for your advice.