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Dec 7, 2009 07:22 PM

Wine rack in Montreal

Hey all,
So this isn't really about food but it is specific to Montreal so I'm hoping mods won't move it. Anyway, I'm looking to buy a large wine rack (not a cooler or a cellar). I just want a nice wooden wine rack, but it needs to be pretty big, at least around 80-100 bottles. There's one big one at Ikea but I'm not convinced by its style or structure...Does anyone have any experience buying one of these in Montreal? Where in the city could I fnd a nice, sturdy one?

Any help in time for X-mas much appreciated!!

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  1. Is this supposed to be free-standing?

    Anyway, Vinum Design ( sells wooden racks from several manufacturers but they're intended more for cellar installation. There is one manufacturer that does create racks for retail but it's very expensive.

    On the cheap side, there are metal and wood rack kits at Canadian Tire, but also not intended for freestanding applications.

    1. I have a tall Ikea rack for my wine - it holds over 100 bottles, and is fairly sturdy. I've attached it to the wall (as recommended), and have no complaints. I wouldn't put it in my living room, but if you're planning to keep it in a place where you won't be looking at it on a regular basis, it does the job for a decent price.

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        I bought around 100 or so clay drainage pipe segments on craigslist for around 50c each - these easily stack together and look pretty cool. Definitely sturdy! Dunno if this helps much though.

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          This sounds like a really interesting idea, could you explain further how you managed to make that work? Something original like that might be really useful. Thanks

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            Here's a photo of how I did it - I actually stacked the pipes in a space in my basement. You could make a wooden frame too I'd think if you wanted to make it aesthic enough to have in a space where you can see it.