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Dec 7, 2009 07:02 PM

$75 giftcard for any restaurant in the SBE collection

These include:
S Bar
The Abbey
Hyde Lounge

My husband and I aren't really into the club/lounge scene, so I'd like to go somewhere that we can at least get good cocktails, a decent meal and not feel too out of place! I'd also not like to spend too much out of pocket, since none of these places would otherwise be on the top of our list.

This was a thoughtful gift from some cousins in NYC so we definitely need to use it, but I'm at a bit of a loss.

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  1. What a shame, The Bazaar by Jose Andres is not on the list. I would go XIV. FYI, Foxtail no longer exists. It's MI:6 now.

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      I will have to look into Bazaar. I think it's good for any restaurant. These were only the ones that were printed on the stationary that the giftcard is on---but perhaps because we got the giftcard in June. That would definitely be a good option.

    2. Try The Bazaar if at all possible.

      1. S bar also no longer exists. MI6 (formerly Foxtail as noted), Area, Hyde and The Abbey aren't what you are looking for.

        XIV, Katsuya and Bizaar are the best options but just know that $75 won't go too far at any of these places. If you are, like some, allergic to Hollywood, Katsuya has multiple locations and you could go to the Valley or Brentwood versions. Just check first to make sure truly all the locations are on board (not sure if valley Katsuya has the same relationship as the one in Brentwood and Hollywood).

        My take is that Katsuya in Brentwood or the Valley and XIV are the best based on what you said--not too much into the club scene and don't want to feel out of place.
        Bazaar has spectacular food but is still a total scene (was there last Friday) and who knows if you like eating dinner at 5:45 at or not--still not that easy on the rezzos but the holidays might have some openings.

        XIV is not nearly the scene it was a year and half ago, but Sunset and Cresent Heights is well, Sunset and Cresent Heights. That being said, while expensive, Micheal Mina's food does work well done as a dinner of 3 or 4 shared apps keeping the food cost down. And XIV's cocktails are excellent.

        Katsuya in Brentwood would seem the best bet. You can order from any of the various menus--sushi, robata etc. and manage your meal cost and don't have to deal with a place you feel, out of place.

        1. The Bazaar although affiliated with SBE belongs to SLS Hotel/Luxury Collection, so I can see why it wouldn't be included. $75 there will not take you very far unless you're just snacking.
          XIV is next best but not the best of Michael Mina.