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Dec 7, 2009 06:35 PM

Regal Palace - Moving to Yonge at Richmond Hill

Drove pass the now defunct Korean/Japanese restaurant at the NW corner at Yonge and Weldrick. Saw a huge ' Opening Soon ' banner for ' Regal Palace' - one of the top fine Chinese dining establishment in Richmond Hill, famous for their Dim Sum, especially the yummy and piping hot ' freshly baked #1 bun under the sky'!!

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  1. Are you sure they're moving and not just opening another location?

    1. Where is it moving from?

      1. Chuck, baby, you're one of my favourite posters, so I have two questions:

        First, what exactly is the #1 bun? Pork, seafood, what?

        Also, I've asked a number of Chinese people this, and no one can give me, an unfortunate gweilo, a definitive answer. When I ask for "char shiu bao", sometimes it comes with the doughy steamed covering, which is not my favourite, and sometimes, it comes with the baked shiny bun that I do like. If you can, please tell me how to ask for this in Cantonese (my Chinese wife speaks Fujian, which is near to useless) or Mandarin, spelling it out as explicitly as my ignorance would require. I would truly appreciate it.

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        1. re: FrankD

          First time I've been addressed as 'Chuck baby' by a man! You must be eating too much MSG?! Ha!

          I'm trying to answer all of the above postings in one go!

          Regal Palace is currently located at 350 Hwy#7 East. Don't think they are opening up another location so close to the flag ship. If so, its a first for a big Cantonese establishment in TO. Unlike mediocre chain franchise like Asian Legend, Regal palace serves high end Cantonese fare requiring skilled chefs to man the kitchen. Also, I heard from skylineR33 that they were robbed a couple of weeks ago. Could be a reason for them to move and open up in a more open and busy locale.

          The '#1 bun under the sky' is a clone of the famous Hong Kong ' Fu Sing' version where the original involves the incorporation of an ultra juicy char-shiu/onion/oyster sauce filling into a mini size flaky top 'pineapple bun'. Imagine the taste sensation and aroma of this freshly baked wonder. The Regal palace version uses the 'shiny bun' as the host. Filling is about 80% of the original. However, considering this is TO, the freshly baked cloned version is good enough for now!

          One can request this dim sum dish by asking the ' captains/supervisors' for ' Tin Ha Dei Yat Bao' - Cantonese pronounciation.

          Good luck FrankD Baby!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Charles, we spoke with management there a while ago and they told us they were going to open another restaurant. In fact, the new restaurant should be opened this week and Regal at HWY7/Chalmer is still there. And they're far from the first 'big' Cantonese restaurant of same owner to open >1 locations (not franchise).

            And not aware Regal was robbed. Maybe he was referring to Emperor which was robbed on Dec 4. Four people was arrested and charged last week, so this crime spree is over.

            1. re: syoung

              My understanding is Regal Palace, Sam Woo and Congee Wong at 1st Markham Place were all robbed. They targeted "cash only" restaurants.....


              1. re: aser

                Will be going to Regal16 and O'Mei for X'mas season dinners. Guess I better leave all my credit cards at home and bring minimal cash! Surprise robbers target such 'busy' mall locations?!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Assuming there are no copycats, I think we're safe for now. Supposedly Emperor had a buzz-in system in place to prevent this from happening.

                  This is a list somebody compiled on RFD.

                  Aug 5 - Congee Queen
                  Oct 7 - Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant
                  Oct 16 - Congee Wong
                  Oct 20 - Full house
                  Oct 29 - Sam Woo
                  Nov 11 - Congee Wong
                  Nov 12 - Ming's Noodle
                  Nov ?? - Grass Mountain Villa
                  Dec 4 - Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine
                  Dec ??- Regal Palace


                  1. re: aser

                    Confirmed with Regal Palace's management today that their restaurant was NOT one of the victims of that robbery spree. So, aser, you can remove the "??" and scratch them off the list.

          2. re: FrankD

            The shiny ones are generically referred to as "Char Shiu Chan Bao" (Cantonese pronounciation). The third and fourth syllables roughly translate to dinner rolls which is the sweet eggy bread with a thin syrup glaze.

          3. I'm thrilled to have a "real" chinese restaurant close to home. I hope it does well. This location seems cursed as there has been a very high turnover since we moved here over 10 years ago.

            1. What to order at Regal Palace?

              Recommendations please

              Do they do take out?

              Thanks in advance


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                1. re: Charles Yu

                  I am hoping they have dim sum as well as some vegetarian options. Please tell me it's so!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Both if possible - assuming dim sum daily, on carts?
                    Thanks in advance

                    1. re: toronto guy

                      Fairly high class, therefore, no dim sum cart service! Wait stall bring out specialty on a tray.
                      Dim sum variety about at par with most high end places in the area. As I eluded to, real stand out is the 'best bun under the sky'. You need to place order directly with Captains or supervisors.
                      Haven't tried their 'non-banquet' a la carte menu. However, prix fixe banquet menu was very good. Same old sharksfin, abalone, fried squab...etc with decent preparation.