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Dec 7, 2009 06:15 PM

Downtown Miami New Years Eve Trip Recommendations

Hello everyone, my friends and I will be in town from 12/27-1/2 for the phish shows at the AA Arena. We are staying at the Viceroy on Brickell Ave. in downtown Miami and I am looking for several recommendations in the area:

Seafood: I've heard good things about Area 31 at the Epic Hotel, can anyone else confirm this? We will also be making the standard pilgrimage to Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach.

What other nice places for lunch are there within walking distance. I have searched yelp in the area and came up with Perricone's, Capital Grille, tinta y cafe, Fratelli Milano, Stoupsy's of Athens, Bali Cafe, Raja's Indian, Tobacco Rd., Waxy O'Conners, and Fresca California Bistro. I'd like a little help narrowing this list down from people that live in the area.

We are also looking for good late night spots and good delivery spots. I read that Tutto has very good pizza but I'm not sure if they deliver. I read in another thread that pieducks has good delivery pizza, anyone know what time they stop delivering? Also looking for good delivery indian, sushi, thai, cuban, anything good really.

Thanks for your help Chowhound!

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  1. I will be going to the shows also, very very excited. Three weeks. Actually watching a bootleg Island Tour dvd right now. As for food...

    To be honest, not much in that area is really all that great. The Design District is home to many of the top restaurants in the area (Michaels Genuine, Sra. Martinez) and is a short cab ride away. Pieducks is great there, delivery can be hit or miss at times.

    Late night in that area is Tobacco Road, which is good bar food. Perricone's delivers (I believe they still do). Le Boudoir delivers sandwiches for lunch. Your best bet is truthfully going to the DD for a meal or two (highly recommend Michael's for lunch as well).

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    1. re: mikek

      love those island tour dvd's. i went in 2003 and it was just a nasty funky dance party every night, so excited for miami 2009.

      anyways, where is this design district? what are the top restaurants in that area?

      1. re: hungryphish

        ROSINELLA'S has great Italian food which has a nice price point too! It's located a block west of Brickell. Soya Pomodoro in downtown proper is also a great option for Italian...only open Thursday nights though, they are more of a lunch joint.

        Jaguar in Coconut Grove offers up some fantastic ceviche and is not too far south of your area, it's the other direction from the DD (which is in the 40's) Upper Eastside.

        I've been told Bin 18 has some good viddles, 18th and Biscayne Blvd.

        Fratelli Lyon in the DD is also a great option.

        As for downtown proper...aside from maybe Soya Pomodoro and Fratelli Milano there's not much to choose from, oh I heard il Gabbiano is really good Italian and offers up a nice bay vista. This is from the former owners of il Molino in NYC.

        Bongos behind the AAA offers up Gloria Estefan's version of Cuban and may be a nice pre or post show option for you.

        Los Ranchos at Bayside is a decent Nicaraguan Steakhouse on the water.

        Garcia's on the River will provide you with an excellent and rustic Cuban Seafood option.

        And your greasy spoon breakfast option is: S&S Diner 17th and 2nd Street. Been there since the 30's

        1. re: hungryphish

          If you were to go straight up Biscayne (i.e. past the arena), keep going straight under 2 overpasses and take a left immediately after the second one (I believe 38th st), it is right around there.

          Another option is to go to Prelude in the performing arts center, though I cannot comment on the food. There is a new beer bar with 400 bottles right next to it also.

          After listening to this last tour, we are in for a treat in less than three weeks.

      2. Area 31 is good, as is Eos in the Viceroy. Of the others you mentioned, some cater to the downtown lunch crowd (Bali, Raja's). Tobacco Rd is an instittution almost on par with Joe's (just for the history of the place, not for the food) and would be a good hangout spot. A couple of doors down is River Oyster Bar with good seafood, especially oysters, and a good happy hour. One trip to the DD would be good, but not necessary.

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        1. re: lax2mia

          Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I think we are going to be on a strictly 1-2 meal/day schedule. 1 main meal and then possibly late night munchies. This is pretty much my schedule

          12/27 - Bali Cafe, or some other kind of asian place
          12/28 - River Oyster Bar for happy hour 1/2 priced oysters and other seafood
          12/29 - Got a 2PM reservation for Sra. Martinez. Love Michelle Bernstein can't wait!
          12/30 - I managed to get a 1PM lunch reservation at Joe's for 10 people.
          12/31 - probably going to hit Garcia's or Enriquita's Sandwich Shop depending on what we are in the mood for.

          CAN'T WAIT!

          1. re: hungryphish

            Some late night/munchies options in the general area:

            La Moon for Colombian fast food (superperros arepas etc.) open really late and they do delivery

            Munchies is another colombian/venezuelan fast food spot a block away from la moon, also open very late and delivery

            La Baguette is a 24 hr sandwich spot on 8th st next to 95 and they deliver til 10 pm

            Along 8th street there are a few other Cuban spots as well as a mexican place or two open real late or all night.

            Not nearby, but a 15 min ride up biscayne is Steve's Pizza on bisc and 122nd, open until 3 or 4 am.

            There are also several late options on the beach if you are heading that way, my current fave late nite choice being "The Spot" on alton across from the movie theater for respectable po' boys.

            Enjoy the shows

            1. re: dmo305

              wow i just read about La Moon and Munchies. I guess munchies literally just opened? Munchies burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, ham, egg, cheese, bacon, ketchup, pink sauce, herbs, pineapple sauce, and Munchies special sauce sounds amazing but so do the colombian hot dogs at La Moon. Do they have dogs at munchies as well?

              1. re: hungryphish

                Haven't been to Munchies yet as they did just open, and I do believe they have dogs.

                You have to get the supermoon perro at La Moon though, that thing is unreal!

                I strongly second Red Light as well, its not open late but sometimes their kitchen stays open til about 11... its worth a phone call

        2. Area 31 is closed currently due to an outbreak of Legionaire's Disease at the Epic Hotel. That said, it's a great spot if it's open when you are here...

          I highly recommend Red Light

          Red Light
          7700 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

          Epic Hotel
          270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

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          1. re: HabaneroJane

            yeah i almost stayed there to that's so crazy! so glad i went with the viceroy

          2. segafredo in lincoln rd for drinks before going out. go around 8-9pm, it can get crowded might have to wait 10-20min for a table. (try mojitos and caipiroskas)

            mint club if you are looking to have a good time. (house music, it can be expensive)