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Dec 7, 2009 05:46 PM

New review of Chez Piggy :Friday,December 4th

In Kingston last Friday for business: had lunch and supper at Chez Piggy. They brought back the rare roast beef sandwich on sourdough,with a great mustard. Came with a good carrot salad. Coffee was a nice,rich blend. Dinner was stuffed breast of chicken: flavor was lively,not too spicy. Orzo pilaf, lemon dressing,italian brocoli rabe,pesto sauce. Well-done!

Chez Piggy Restaurant
68R Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A5, CA

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  1. I had many great meals there in 1983, I'd sometimes eat dinner there 3 times a week. It's good to see that it's still around, not many restaurants have such a good run.

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      Love Chez Piggy, one of my favorite places to eat while in Kingston. I lived there for 5 years while going to school and ate there at least twice a month. I haven't been back in a couple of years but when I do I will check it out for sure.

    2. Nice to hear it is still going strong, next time I'm in town, I will definitely drop in.