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Dec 7, 2009 05:32 PM

Tequila Tasting? Puerto Vallarta

Going to Puerto Vallarta next week and wondering two things

1) Any good distilleries near PVR that might make an interesting tour? Not a boozy drunk fest but something akin to wine tasting?
2) I don’t know much about tequilas but anything particular I should pick up either in Duty Free or in PVR proper.

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  1. PVR is so touristy - with foreign tourists - I don't doubt there is someone promoting tequila tasting, though I don't know of anything specific to recommend. Tequila production is based elsewhere in the state, though. About bring tequila home: I don't do that anymore, because of the hassle.

    If you have a direct flight and won't be changing planes, then you can do it easily from the duty free shop (where you'll typically pay more for the liquor than what the street value is), but if you'll be changing planes you can't bring the liquor on board with you for connecting flights. I don't think PVR is different than other Mexican airports, in that you aren't allowed to carry-on liquids over a certain volume.

    I buy my tequila at home, instead. Though, I understand the interest of people wanting to bring something back from their trip, to share with family and friends. Whatever you buy - if you buy in Mexico - make certain the lable says "100 Agave," or "100% de Agave" because the definition of what can be called "tequila" has changed over the years and lesser quality liquor is marketed as tequila, liquor containing less than 100% made from Agave.

    Follow this link and you'll learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about tequila:

    Have a great trip!

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      Thanks for the great link! I live in Washington State. Where state liquor control has worked their magic to create both a limited selection and high prices. So I will definitely be buying something through Duty Free.

      1. re: Charles

        Enter the words, "tequila tasting, puerto vallarta" into the google search box and click, and you'll find many listings for such opportunities in Puerto Vallarta . . . as I did when I just did that on my computer. Enjoy.

        1. re: gomexico

          Yes I had done that was wondering if people could recommend one.

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            In the Centro there are a lot of tequila shops, it's a chain but I can't remember the name. They have a fantastic array of beautiful bottles and will let you taste any of them. We spent quite a merry hour in one one day.

    2. Tequila DOÑA ENGRACIA is located in Puerto Vallarta, small distillery with one label.
      322) 281 2841 Opportunity for a distillery tour.

      I like Duty Free to pick up high end tequilas at a discount, like Selecion Suprema or Don Julio Real. But, the other gems are the Mexico only brands you can't find in the US.These are mostly what I bring back. Look for the rare Volcan de Mi Tierra or La Alborada reposado.I also picked a La Azcona silver recently that is superb. Most shops are pretty good about telling you about some Mexico only brands. You won't find these in the US nor in Duty Free.