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Dec 7, 2009 05:09 PM

Healthy holiday gift basket ideas

I'd like to bring a gift basket of something to my gym as a holiday thank you. Normally, I'd just bake something, but I feel like it'd be kind of silly to march into the gym with few dozen brownies. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes for a healthy treat? It doesn't have to be a dessert -- just something that doesn't need to be refrigerated and could be enjoyed behind a desk.

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  1. What about homemade energy bars or protein bars? I've made the one in Super Natural Cooking a couple of times--you do need to wrap them in wax paper. Or perhaps some homemade granola--you can control the amount of fat and sugar and make it to your liking. Or healthy muffins. should have recipes that are healthy and tasty--it's my favorite healthy cooking magazine.

    1. How about some spiced nuts? A handful is a healthy amount. Or perhaps some whole-grain muffins...or quickbread. Oh, I see that nofunlatte has already suggested muffins and granola, good calls...I do have a somewhat healthy oat-banana bread recipe if you need a recipe. Oh, there might be some healthified Chex mix recipes out there too, not sure, though.

      1. i agree with mini-bran muffins.

        you could also do mini egg-white frittatas, as these can hold at room temp.

        you could also do a nice platter of fruit with some yogurt dips.

        if you want to go sweets, but not too unhealthy, rice krispy treats are at least fat free ;-)

        1. Spiced pumpkin seeds with dried cranberries or cherries?

          1. The only reason why I go to the gym is so I can have a few dozen brownies. =) But if you must, why not just do a fruit and (shell on) nut basket with a potted plant? You could also toss in some homemade meat or tofu jerky, dried fruit, fruit leather, veggie chips, etc...