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Dec 7, 2009 04:35 PM

Where can I buy a good quality ham for the holidays?

I'm having a holiday party and would like to serve ham. Where locally can I buy one - good quality, smoked or not, brined, etc. If not locally, where online can I order one?


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  1. Best I've had in recent years was a Niman bone-in. They have a few variations:

    The boneless is also good, but not as good. I think you can order these from any butcher that sells their stuff.

    1. Prather Ranch sells a very tasty smoked ham made from humanely raised Berkshire pigs. You likely would need to call them to specify the size required--availability is variable.

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        this might be heresy, but for the price, I really like Costco's spiral ham

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          Does Trader Joe's sell whole hams? I've only seen slices.

        2. It's not upscale at all, but I've gotten some really nice hams at the Lucky Pork Store on Mission Street at 23rd. You can get a whole or half leg (probably best for a party) or a picnic shoulder (tastier, but messy and smaller).

          The last time I took one (a whole leg) to a potluck supper the instigator asked if she could take the rest home with her for her family.

          2659 Mission Street
          SF, CA
          (415) 285-3611

          1. If you are in the East Bay there is the Honey Baked Ham store on Piedmont Ave.

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              Honey Baked is pretty good but Niman has more flavor.