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Dec 7, 2009 03:41 PM

Mail Order Lobster

I'm looking for recommendations for a Mail Order Lobster company. My parents love lobster but they live about as far as you can get from an ocean and about a 2.5 hour drive from a major airport. For those reasons they might be best served by getting some lovely bugs in a cooler shipped live from the source.

I did some googling and find about 500 companies willing to take my credit card number, but without the time or willingness to try them all myself I'm hoping I can get some informed commentary here.

(I also did some searching here and didn't find a pre-existing thread).

So... mail order lobster. Who's good?

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  1. I live about 30 miles from James Hook in Boston, and that's where I go to buy lobster. For obvious reasons, I don't have any direct knowledge of their mail-order business, but I can at least say they're a bona fide lobster pound and lobster is their primary, and almost their only, business (they have a small case of other seafood, but tanks of lobsters as far as the eye can see).


      I've used Lobstergram in the past. Link is above. The recipient loved it - I'd order it again.

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        I would second LobsterGram as well.

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          Oooh, Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound! They've ruined lobster for me from anywhere else.

        2. I've use Hancock Lobster to send Xmas gift of Lobster Rolls & Whoopie Pies to my sister and her family in Nebraska. He always liked getting lobster rolls at McDonald's when they visited us in Maine, and my sister missed whoopie pies.
          The people at Hancock were great and my sister's family said the food was really terrific.
          If you order from somewhere - look for reviews, many places in Maine & Mass. are solid businesses and have great and fresh products. Good luck and Merry Christmas.