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Dec 7, 2009 03:35 PM

Best Brisket Tacos (Dallas)

So I know Manny's and Mia's kill. Was just in Manny's over Thanksgiving and my brother had the brisket tacos, sister the brisket quesadillas and mom the brisket enchiladas. The meat was different on each one...shredded, stewed and browned on the tacos, cut in slabs like for a sandwich on the quesadilla, and in good sized chopped pieces on the enchilada. Amazing.

(note: I'm sitting in my apartment in NYC right now waiting for a brisket to finish in the oven...brisket mania coming up)

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  1. It would be nice to know where Manny's and Mia's are?

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    1. re: SAguy

      Dallas! - on Lemmon just west of US75/Central Expressway - On Lemmon and Wyclife

    2. Oh my BRISKET TACOS at Manny's, Mia's and Taco Diner are soooooo yummy! I grew up in Dallas and left Dallas in 2008 and anytime I go back, I hit one of these places fjust or brisket tacos. I want the recipe sooooo bad! There is no such thing as brisket in Mississippi...or TexMex of any kind. Waaaaa!

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      1. re: LonghornInMississippi

        Haven't had the others, but like the ones at Taco Diner ...

      2. Not that I don't love a good strip. Steak, that is. I think the brisket is (arguably) the best tasting and most versatile cut on the cow. Just remember, you'll need to set aside a bit of time to cook or smoke it.

        1. Avila is the best and don't take my word for it because Guy Fieiri went there when he came to Dallas. The meat melts in your mouth it is so tender. They have the best chili relleno too.

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          1. re: OCNC

            I'll have to try it!

            I had every intention of having brisket tacos at Taco Diner tonight, but they were 'closed for the Super Bowl' with people in the restaurant--private party I guess. Bummer ...

          2. Hands down - MIA'S for briskett tacos! They were the original and still the best.