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Dec 7, 2009 03:17 PM

CHOICE--Tabrizi's instead of Woodberry Kitchen, B&O Brasserie, etc.

Hubby and I opted to return to Tabrizi's last night instead of venturing to unknown territory, i.e., Woodberry Kitchen, B&O Brasserie or Alizee. (We will hopefully get to all three sometime in the near future).

Anyhow, our choice was perfect. The restaurant atmosphere was festive and beautiful overlooking the Inner Harbor. Our waitress was absolutely charming and very professional.

The food was exceptionally tasty and presented artistically. The baby beets, goat cheese and grape salad was delicious and a mini artwork. The rare ahi tuna prepared to perfection. The ultimate highlight was my lamb kabobs over exquisite white truffle oil risotto. DEVINE!!!

The menu was only two days into its inception. We were very impressed. Mr. Tabrizzi visited our table several times. He is quite charming and very interested in making certain that one enjoys the cuisine. YES--we did INDEED. FoiGras

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  1. Thanks for the feedback!!!! Have you ever tried La Famiglia (on 39th, sort of behind where Alizee is located)? We went there Sat. night and the blackened tuna entree I had was to die for-- definitely one of the best tuna dishes I have had in a long time! The tuna was seared rare, and had a delicious tomato, garlic, and caper sauce! Also in the area is the Carlyle Club, which now serves Indian. The interior is surprisingly romantic and the food also stellar. One great surprise were the Indian spiced lump crab cakes. That area around Hopkins is quickly becoming a hot spot!

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      Am familiar with La Famiglia's location as we dined there last November when it was still Brasserie Tatin (which was excellent). Am looking forward to trying La Famiglia. The tuna dish you ordered sounds scrumptious. Would attempt to try the Carlyle Club, but will have to do so with a friend instead of hubby as he doesn't care for Indian food. Perhaps I can convince him to at least try, since I've heard positive feedback on the restaurant. FoiGras

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        It's a different kind of Indian, he might like it.