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Dec 7, 2009 02:22 PM

Heritage India - given up

Heritage India used to be our go-to Indian in the neighborhood. We could walk there, so awesome, right?

We went on Saturday. Sure it was kinda gross out, but it was empty. We ordered samosa and galpagos (sp?). The samosa were kind of mushy and the sauce was skimpy. Part of the samosa yumminess IMO is the tamarind to dip. Our sag paneer was boring - we got it because usually it's spicy. There was one limp cold piece of broccoli on the side.

The service was the kicker. When we got there, the waiter of the table next to us had lost the customer's credit card. The entire group of wait and bus staff were looking everywhere. The customer was irked because while we knew was up, they hadn't yet told her (they were clearly looking for her card, though). They had not found it so the customer left. While it's obviously important, they neglected every other customer. Even a "this is going on, we're sorry, a drink is on us" type of thing would have been far more professional.

Anyway - we're Rasika die hards. Dinner for two at Heritage tends to run us $50. Dinner for two at Rasika is usually $60 for us. We've decided not to patronize Heritage after the consistent mediocre food and lackluster service, but this weekend was the final proof to move on.

I'd love a local inexpensive Indian place that's just curry and naan - maybe Sacrificial Lamb on R will fill that when (if) it opens...but until then, we'll plan our visits to Rasika more often.

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  1. Rasika is in a different class than Heritage. It is one of the best restaurants--not just Indian--in D.C. Heritage still does a decent lunch buffet on the weekends.

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    1. re: wml20

      Rasika is still pretty wimpy by Indian standards - I still think of it as a European restaurant - when I get a really good dahi vada or chaat papri in the 'burbs, it knocks my socks off.

      Though I do like Rasika.

      1. re: Steve

        Then to avoid argument, Rasika is our best bet as city dwellers that do not want to get in a car to eat dinner

        1. re: Jeserf

          You ought to try the new Masala Art near the TenleyTown Metro. According to the Post, it is owned by a former manager of Heritage India and the chef also worked there. I ate there over the weekend and the food was really good as was the service. I also went on Saturday when it was snowing and raining, and it was very busy! So you know, it had to be good! They have the classic Indian things, but they also have some different unusual dishes, too.
          I love Rasika, but it is too expensive for me to eat there regularly. Indian is my comfort food; I like my Indian restaurants casual and not too pricey!

          1. re: Glindathegood1

            hm...we're never up there, but it's something to think about - thanks for the tip!

            I do think that cheap indian is the best - I had it all the time in college. Why no love in the city limits of DC? I'm holding out hope for the Sacrificial Lamb based on the name.

            1. re: Glindathegood1

              Second the recommendation. Food is better than Heritage, and substantially less expensive (I took my mother and a co worker there; had apps and main course, with beer, and it came to about $90 including tax and tip). Word is spreading though--seem to be crowded regularly now.

              1. re: Glindathegood1

                Also agree as well. We have eaten at Masala Art several times now and it's our go-to place when we don't feel like spending at Rasika's price point. Service and food are excellent and its a good value. Very very happy this opened close to where we live.

                1. re: Adam23

                  We'll have to try it if we're ever up there....also have Woodberry Kitchen on the list. Again, we find Rasika reasonable as we're veggies that don't drink so it's never expensive.

                  1. re: Jeserf

                    The one issue I have with Rasika is that it is deafening. I only went once and am unlikely to go back because of the noise level.

                    1. re: brianV

                      Yes! I finally tried it a few weeks ago for a birthday and we adored the food but found the noise very unpleasant.

                      1. re: hamster

                        SO noisy and rarely do I make comments on that. I have also been to Oyamel a couple of times when I have found it to be very loud).

                      2. re: brianV

                        I agree that the noise level is very high...more so than many other restaurants. I went with my boyfriend for a celebratory dinner and while we really loved our meal, we thought the place was way too loud. We were sitting in the middle of the restaurants with our backs against a divider separating the dining room from the bar, so maybe that has something to do with it.

              2. re: Steve

                Yeah, I don't get why people are putting Rasika in the "straight from Mumbai" box.
                A lot of my Desi friends swear by it though.

                1. re: WestIndianArchie

                  I know Indian people who give it rave reviews as well.

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