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Ray's the Catch opening this Spring? + other changes

T. Sietsema's blog earlier today announced that Ray's the Catch may open this spring in the original RTS location. Other changes: Hellburger is moving to a larger location and will include wine, beer and milk shakes. Landrum is opening a personal wine bar, Ray's the Glass in January along with Ray's the Game, a game burger venture at original Hellburger location. Also, Ray's the Steaks at East River in NE DC in January. Whew!!


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  1. Dix street NE? This must be a typo.

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      It's not a typo. This restaurant, and working with the community where it is located, is an ongoing project for Landrum.

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        Well, I grew up in that area of DC. Unless gentrification has blossomed around there, I will drive thru again today, seems more like a Pizza, Mickey D, "Steak & Cheese" carry out zone. No joke. I was one of the first lucky folks to dine at the original Ray's. N.E. DC may be "Underserved" and I hope Ray is getting one hell of a tax break for going there, but Im spending my shrinking buck in the Arlington location. Bravo to Ray's for extending a helping hand to DC. Let's see how it all turns out.

    2. These are all jokes right? lol

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        You must have read my mind? 3905 Dix St NE, Washington, DC 20019? Maybe they will drop the prices in that area as a draw angle. Already the best prime steak deal in town, it may work if much cheaper. But after dark let's hope for the best.

      2. I can't wait to see how all of these new spots turn out. I just wish they were more centrally located in DC since I don't get out to these areas that often. Oh well....

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          IIRC, one of the main points of the NE DC location was to open in an area of DC that is underserved.

          The Metro from Farragut West to Rosslyn takes five minutes (Hell Burger/Ray's the Game, Ray's the Catch). It takes seven minutes to Courthouse (new RTS location/Ray's the Glass).

        2. Milk Shakes? *smh*
          Trying to play catch up with BGR and GSE?

          1. Wow, I'm glad I live in Arlington.

            1. A big congratulations to Mr. Landrum and Mr. Slater who will be very very busy men for the foreseeable future. I look forward to all these eating establishments.

              1. Good concepts. He's got three places already and he seems to be managing them fine. If he can get good people to run the three more concepts he has and work out the bugs while not over extending himself (financially, suppliers, help, customers, consistency), he'll probably be able to make some or all of them work. Good for him! Good for us! Can't wait to try 'em!

                1. So does anyone know if Ray's the Glass really did open in mid Jan? i would love to check it out...

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