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Dec 7, 2009 01:42 PM

Berlin: Fischers Fritz lunch

I realize the dress code is generally formal there, but do you think smart-casual may pass for lunch? We will be in Berlin less than a day and the lunch seems a shame to pass up on simply because we will not have enough time for formal wear.Thanks!

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  1. Cannot think of any place in Berlin with a formal dresscode.
    (except those where you are beaten, if you wear a tie)

    1. While there is no formal dress code in most high-end places in Berlin, I'd be hard-pressed to show up at Fischer's Fritz in torn jeans and flip-flops.... not to say that people (usually spoiled rich people) don't do it.

      You should be absolutely fine with smart-casual, tho. I'm very envious of your lunch! Make sure to report back!!!

      1. Ha! I was wondering the same thing, as we have a reservation for lunch on the 23rd.