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Dec 7, 2009 01:25 PM

Reasonably priced dining on the Vegas Strip

I will be heading to Las Vegas in February 2010 and need recommendations for two dinners, a brunch or lunch and a breakfast that are reasonably priced. My DH and I are total foodies and love everything from local hidden gems to upscale dining. We are on a budget and would like to keep the dinners to about $50-$60 per person. We love good food, but we also love a trendy scene. We are not willing to spend $100 per person on dinner, though.

To give you an idea, lately we have dined at some of Miami's newest restaurants: Scarpetta, BLT Steak, Solea, Meat Market.

Also looking for one can't miss breakfast, and one lunch or brunch (I was thinking Bellagio buffet for lunch/brunch.) DH has never been to Vegas and I think we should do a buffet.

We would like to keep it on the Strip or as close to the Strip as possible, as we will not have a car.

I'm looking forward to your recommendations! I am a frequent writer on the Florida board so feel free to check out my contributions to reviews in the Miami area!


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    1. Take the prices at Scarpetta, BLT Steak, Solea, or Meat Market of a nice meal and double them. That might be considered "reasonably priced" in Las Vegas if you were willing to forgo dessert, taxes and tip. Try to remember that the purpose of coming to Las Vegas is to separate you from your money.

      You wanna change the discussion to cheap eats maybe?

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      1. re: shamu613

        I disagree with your statement of "the purpose of coming to Las Vegas is to separate you from your money."

        I don't go to Vegas to gamble away my hard earned money or buy overpriced bottle service at exclusive pretentious nightclubs.
        I've been to Vegas enough times to know that it is a destination for people from all walks of life and was simply asking for recommendations for reasonably priced restaurants.

        From the responses I've gotten, it makes it seem like Las Vegas eats are either $9.99 all you can eat prime rib specials at some old casino, or $150 tasting menu from L'Atelier. I find it very hard to believe that there is absolutely nothing stylish, reasonably priced and good food on the Strip.

        Is there a Houston's in Vegas? Maybe I can eat there.

        1. re: jessicam29

          Las Vegas has a plethora of reasonably priced restaurants, but they aren't on the Strip. Will you have a car?

          The combination of trendy restaurant that's also reasonably priced and good food on the Strip simply doesn't exist. It's hard to get a breakfast in a casino coffee shop for less than $25pp.

          Try Mesa Grill in the Forum Shops or Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for dinner. Even lunch too. Breakfast at Verandah in the Four Seasons is exceptional. The buffets at Wynn and Bellagio always seem to appear on most lists for good reason.

      2. Agree with the Bellagio or Wynn buffets, good experience and among the best in town. Lunch or brunch is ok, but I think dinner is the best meal to experience at either one.

        1. Take a look at First Food and Bar at the Palazzo. Trendy (but not too much) and the food is decently priced, open VERY late, and has really good food.

          1. I would forgo the buffet and catch brunch at Bouchon located at the Venetian. I've been there for brunch well over a dozen times and it has never dissapointed. The cost is comparable to a buffet but the food quality is worlds better. You also get a waited on by a talented, knowledgable, and capable staff instead of having to stand in line to get your own stale bacon that was put back on the steamtable by the child ahead of you.
            Nothing personal, but the primary reason the strip even exists is to seperate you from your money - it's designed to take as much of your money as possible at every opportunity in the most efficient manner while minimizing emotional pain. That's a fact. It's not true for the entire city, but it certainly is when referring to the strip.
            Anyway, go online and check out Bouchon - I think that you'll be quite pleased with it. They don't take reservations for brunch, but that's not really an issue as I haven't encountered much of a wait in the past year or so since the economy took a dump.
            As for one of the dinners, Burger Bar at Mandalay isn't bad and won't break the bank. Since you won't have a car, where you will be staying may be a factor in your restaurant selection. Keep in mind that a cab ride from one end of the strip to the other can be quite pricey - maybe almost as much as one of your meals if your cabbie trys to pull one on you and takes the "shortcut".

            3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

            Burger Bar
            3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV