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Dec 7, 2009 01:16 PM

Reunion Party for 30 to 40 people under $40pp Fun Place? Private Room Or Area in Restaurant

well, my title says it all.

A group of 30 to 40 of us, family, most of whom have never met, having a get-together in Manhattan because that is the most central place. If parking is nearby, that would be great.

A fun place, doesn't have to be fancy cuisine, but good. $40 or less per person would be fantastic, and if we could get a private or semi private area, that would be great.

Don't be afraid to suggest a place a little more expensive, it might just have to be like that.

Somewhere between the 90's and 40's would be best. Eastside or Westside. Any type of food. The party is Jan 7th, so I have to find the place soon.

Thanks so much!

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  1. $40/pp with booze? Are people drinkers? Or is this just for food.

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    1. re: mzito

      no booze. they can get their own, or maybe $50 with wine? Not a bunch of drinkers.

      1. re: foodislife

        I just went through this last year and this year for a company party, and there are some good options in that range. Carmine's quoted me $45 pp for a massive amount of food, plus gratuity, service, tax, etc., but that was during the holiday season. You can probably get a discount knocked out for being after the holiday season, and I bet their 91st street location is cheaper than the times square one. For something cheaper, little more relaxed, but still good food, there's the Connolly's bar - they're something like $33/pp for a lunch or dinner with options, they have a big private room, and they'll work with you on menu options.

        For downtown options, both Otto and Giorgio's of Gramercy have really good food and party menus that might be towards the top end of your range, but be a higher class of food. Hope this helps.

        1. re: foodislife

          Oh, and actually, Convivio has a $49/pp lunch prixe fixe that's a lot of food:

          Dunno about large group pricing, and not sure if lunch is an option. Outstanding food, though.

          1. re: mzito

            Not in your preferred neighborhoods, but Otto, Aurora, Cercle Rouge, Pala, and Gradisca can all accomodate that price and are fun places. Aurora might be a tight squeeze though.