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Dec 7, 2009 01:06 PM

Kosher in Montgomery County

I have visiting Kosher relatives coming on Christmas weekend. Is that kosher Chinese restaurant still there in Rockville? Anyone been there lately? If I recall, it was not particularly good, but my brother-in-law asked about Kosher Chinese. Any Kosher restaurants in the Montgomery County area you can vouch for? I'd like to go to Max's for falafel, but have heard the rest of the food is problematic.

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  1. Is Max's a straight up eatery, or do they sell kosher grocery stuff as well?

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    1. re: Russel Shank

      Max's sells some prepared foods. Next door is a full kosher grocery/butchery/bakery with the same owner.

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        Is that the Shalom Strictly Kosher place, or are there two kosher markets on that street?

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          Yes, it is Shalom Strictly Kosher.

    2. Pomegranate Bistro in Potomac (Cabin John Mall) is excellent. Their restaurant menu is a bit pricey, but carryout is very reasonable. Pita Hut just opened in Rockville on N. Washington St (where Chopstix used to be). I haven't eaten there yet, but have a few friends who said the service is ok, but the food is EXCELLENT. The Chinese restaurant is still around and still mediocre ;)

      1. I'll second babkanosher regarding Pomegranate and Chinese (Royal Dragon).
        Personally I feel that falafel and schwarma is enough to warrant a trip to Max's.
        I'd also recommend the Pastry Oven in Wheaton. It's a cafe by day, restaurant by night specializing in dairy, north African cuisine. The ambiance is more cafe, but they do a decent job of adding intimacy to the restaurant by playing with the lighting.

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        1. re: elmoz

          Where is the Pastry Oven in Wheaton?

          Agree on the Schwarma at Max's. A platter is enough for two!

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            1372 Lamberton Dr. It's in shopping center off Arcola Ave., between University and Georgia, closer to University. Same shopping center as Nova Europa and a Magruders.

        2. I've never been to Kosher Pastry Oven at night but they do an awesome brunch. Max's sells pre-made meals that you can reheat for Shabbos too. Take a little trip over to Wheaton/SS this weekend and check it out -- Max's, Shalom, and KPO are are in striking distance. (in the same shopping center as KPO, is a pizza place but I've never tried it).

          1. I definitely agree about max's for outstanding falafel and schwarma. The chicken bbq sandwich is good as are the french fries. They have a lot of choices. They also sell what looks to be very appetizing food such as stuffed cabbage, a few kinds of meat and chicken dishes. and sides. like a kosher balducci's. all to go. Next store is Max's which is a kosher bakery, butcher, deli and grocery store.
            In Rockville is Kosher Mart which is a larger kosher grocery and they have a sit down d eli restaurant. plus they have kosher prepared food to go also
            I have heard Pommegranite in potomac is good and on some nights has someone who makes outstanding kosher sushi.