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Dec 7, 2009 11:47 AM

Norwood-area Buffalo Wings?

Lots of bars/pubs/restaurants in the Norwood area, but none seem to have good wings.

The wings at British Beer Co. in Walpole aren't bad. but not on par w/ Buff's in Newton (or Duff's in Buffalo, for that matter).

Anybody have recs for a great on-the-bone Buffalo Wing in the Norwood area?

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  1. I've never had wings in Norwood, BUT if I was going to hunt for decent wings, I'd try Lewis's in Norwood Center (and if the wings stink, at least you can get a burger), or MAYBE the Red Wing - though I think they are more fried seafood and may not even have wings. Halfway Cafe in Dedham makes decent wings, though..

    1. Ever since someone sent me a nasty article about chicken processing plants (which I was stupid enough to read) I've been looking around for local sources of trustworthy chicken. Does anyone know of any restaurants that have decent organic or local wings?

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        Hi folks,

        Sorry to interrupt the discussion, but we removed several posts about sources for raw wings to cook at home, as they were getting a little far afield from the original question.

        If you have any tips on any restaurants that serve organic or local wings, by all means feel free to post them here.


      2. Dedham's Halfway Cafe.
        Buffalo wings on the bone (we order them "well-done") are really good there, and they have excellent onion rings too.
        "Wings and Rings" is our standard order there. Didn't say it was healthy, but is sure is good.