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Dec 7, 2009 11:01 AM

All -Night Dim Sum....

Hello CHOWers!
Looking for an all night, post-party (like 6am) Dim Sum place somwhere downtown for next Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning. The food does not have to be spectaular, just have to be open early. Any suggestions? Close to chinatown would be great - Unfortunatly only know places like that in Hong Kong - do they even exsist in Toronto?

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  1. Doesn't exist. Some open at 9 am.

    1. This probably isn't much help, but there used to be a place at Broadview/Gerrard where we would stumble into after the bars closed for soup and spring rolls. One time we had a hankering for dim sum so we asked the waiter if there was any chance of ordering some. He said, "Sorry, no dim sum until 10AM." He must have seen how disappointed we were because he went into the kitchen and returned 2 minutes later and said, "OK, we serve dim sum from 3 until 6."

      Maybe you can find a similarly friendly place willing to bend the rules?

      1. I think it does exist in Toronto, but not downtown. I know that Perfect Restaurant in Scarborough (Brimley and Sheppard) is open 24 hours and I think you can order dim sum there anytime, but I'm not certain.