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Pizza in Conshy/Plymouth Meeting/Lafayette Hill

I've been living in the area for about a year and still trying to find my "go to" pizza place...any recommendations?

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  1. It's not for everyone but the "pizza with a swirl" at Franzone's on Ridge can be addicting if you like your sauce a little sweet. The cheese is an interesting blend (not your stock gummy Mozz) and the crust is thin and crisp. It's a little hard to see from the road.

    The "swirl" is because they put the cheese on first, and spoon the sauce around with a ladle. It makes a nice blend of sauce, dough and cheese (gestalt pizza.)

    Usually people either love it or hate it, but they have a full bar. It always tastes better after q shot of Jamesons and a Yuengling draft !

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      I grew up with Franzones and if I'm in the right mood I can still enjoy it but would not ever go out of my way to get it. IMO, the sauce is very sweet. My go to places near home are Vino's and From The Boot in Lafayette Hill.

      The place I really like though is a new spot but not in the geography. It's a place called Mina's in Springhouse. It's the same people that also run Taste of Italy in Springhouse.

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        I'm either in the mood for regular pizza or Franzone's...one doesn't satisfy a craving for the other, so if I'm in the mood for Franzone's, there's no way around it!

        It's definitely worth a try either way.

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        Franzone's sauce is "a little sweet"? That could be the understatement of the year.

        Honestly if it weren't for the sauce, their pizza would be near the top of my list for pizza. The crust and cheese is just right, but the sauce kills it for me.

      3. I travel to Philly just to get Franzone's! its great, get it with pepperoni because the salty meat with the sweet sauce is the perfect combination! if its not for you I like the place next to Giant just down Ridge pike (argento's?) for their tomato pie, and decent pizza overall but i'll always get franzone's when i'm in the area

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          If you buy it by the slice, as I often do, you get a TON of pepperoni. I order one pep and one plain, and slide half the pep onto the plain one. You are right that the savory pep cuts the sweetness just right.

          Also, I find the original Franzones in Bridgeport does not cook their crust as crispy as Ridge Pike.

        2. Have you tried the wood-fired pizza at Pepperonici in Conshy? Great thin crust pizza, but best to eat in, since it doesn't travel well.

          A little farther away, but the pizzas at DeTerra in Ambler are great too.

          1. Thanks! I've heard of Franzone's but wasn't sure about their 'sweet sauce'. I've tried Argentos, which is OK, and Illianos... I've eaten at FTB but havent had their pizza. Thanks for the suggestions...i'll be sure to check them out.

            1. Tony A's has a solid pizza offering. Maria's down the street has nice pizza and very good sandwiches - great rolls. You also have Tony and Joe's in the center of town in conshy. Was never my fave when I lived there, at the time I think they used a blend of cheeses that included a small it of cheddar (maybe I am remembering wrong though). I order probably 2x per month from Maria's while at my sister's in conshy and we occasionally sprinkle in some tony A's. Both are pretty solid. Neither will change your religion.

              As for me, I am in the camp that simply can not stomach Fanzone's. Very distinct taste due to the sauce that tastes like it was made by Hershey.

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                OK, Franzone's IS sweet (but as mentioned a little pepperoni with balance that out. At least it is not a "generic" pizza. Most joints all but the same sauce and the same cheese and the same flour, and taste like any pizza you buy at the mall.

                I'll have to try Tony and Joe's next time I'm in Conshy. I'd be happy to try any pizza that uses something other than the bubblegum-mozz they all buy from the same family.

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                  There is no balancing out that sauce with pepperoni, it is a completely different kind of pie than most are used to. I get that some people like it, but most I know that have had it are firmly in the LOVE or HATE camp.

              2. The pizza in the area that I'm eating the most of is Earth Bread + Brewery in Mt. Airy. Now, they call it a "flatbread" and it is different than a standard pie we're used to but I find the crust a joy on it's own and the toppings always distinctive, fresh and interesting. Note: They do not offer takeout.

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                  I heartily agree - the flatbreads at Earth are delicious. My husband enjoys their home brewed beers also.

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                    I like the 'flatbreads' at EBB, too.
                    keep in mind, some of those flatbreads are remarkably like pizza!
                    if you order it with, say, tomato sauce and mozarella cheese, it's really hard to consider it a flatbread.
                    the other options ('seed,' for example), yeah, they might be flatbreads.

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                      I pretty much agree but the theory behind the term "flatbread" at EB+B is for the main thrust of the experience to be the quality of the bread with the topping playing more of a supporting role.


                2. I tired Franzone's the other night.. wow, is that sauce sweet. It wasnt for me, but my 5 yr old downed 3 pieces and proclaimed it the best pizza he ever had. I would bet their white pizza would be pretty good (good cheese/crust). I'll keep on exploring...

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                    You should try it a second time later on, now that you know what to expect.

                    The first time I had it I said "There's something wrong with this pizza!" but the second time, since I was prepared for the unusual sauce, I really liked it.

                  2. When I lived in Conshy, my favorite place was Maria's on Ridge Pike. They have 2 ovens, a regular and a wood burning. The wood burning only fit small pizzas but it was excellent. The bacon pizza and rustica pizza were favorites there. Rustica is white pizza with sausage, roasted peppers, garlic, oil and cheese. Check out their website...

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                      Maria's is right next to Franzone's no ? I have been meaning to try them ..

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                        We tried Maria's recently. I like the choice of toppings, and there is a pleasant-enough area for eating in, but the pizza, IMO, is pretty ordinary.

                      2. Wyndmoor's close enough to Lafayette Hill, I guess, and I quite like Tony's Pizza City in Wyndmoor.

                        1. Check out III Illiano's Pizza - 24 East Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, PA. Excellent

                          1. i am a fan of bridgeport pizza in bridgeport - good chewy, kinda thin crust perfect zesty sauce and cheese.