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Dec 7, 2009 10:45 AM

Theresa's BYOB and MBar? - W. Conshy?

Does anyone know anything about Theresa's BYOB and MBar next to the McDonald's in West Conshy? In the ever-changing life of this location (let's see, Kokomo's, Bergey's, Chiquita Loco) I am hopeful that this might have some staying power.

If anyone has any idea of what this place is all about, I would be most grateful!

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  1. Does it look like it may be related to Teresa's in Wayne? That is one of my favorite BYOB's.

    1. my husband and i tried it twice. delicious both times.
      i had a crab stuffed artich butter/orange sauce......wonderful and not a canned artich bottom, but the real fresh thing peeled by hand. the hanger steak super perfect, crunchy on the outside, tasty, warm and rare on the inside, the chocolate bread pudding was wonderfully moist and made with large quantities of bitter-sweet chocolate...not too sweet.
      the next time, tortellini stuffed with lamb in a mushroom reduction with apples;.....outstanding. my husband 's sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce was he felt delicious, i thought a tiny bit dry but the flavors out of this world..etc
      really quite a find. to be tried by all foodies and is now a regular for us, plus everyone is charming hard working and truly have their heart into making this new byob a sucess.

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        Thanks Elise...I'm going to give it a try this Thursday evening, you think we need reservations?

        1. re: mkertello

          Actually, Teresa's Cafe does not take reservations. Put your name in, give them your cell phone number and go have a drink at Teresa's Next Door, which is literally right next door. They'll call you when your table is ready.

          Hmm, just reread your post mkertello. I'm unsure if you are going to Teresa's BYOB in Conshy, or Teresa's Cafe in Wayne. I was talking about Teresa's Cafe in Wayne.

          1. re: emailsuz99

            Teresa's BYO in Consh does take reservations. I had lunch at the M bar today. The bar menu is minimal at the moment but is supposed to increase in a few weeks. Selections included Pizza, Pork Sliders, Burgers, Meatball sandwich.

            I took a look at the dinner menu. Teresa's has a mediterannean therme, that included some pasta dishes, duck confit, turkish salads, veal saltimbocca among others. Interesting mixture.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Teresa's in Wayne is also a go-to spot for me, but I am referring to the one in West Conshy.

              CWdonald, have they done anything with the decor and layout? Seems like everyone who has taken this place over has failed to put a unique touch on the old pubbish feel.

              1. re: mkertello

                M has the feeling of a modern pub.High ceilings, industrial piping etc.I had not visited there previously, but the colleague I had lunch with had been going there for over 15 years. He said that they completely re did the place. There was still evidence of the Mexican restaurant outfront with the mural and the cactus.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Finally made it there last night and I can say that I am highly impressed.

                  While the Mexican mural is still lurking outside, the interior has been very tastefully updated, with a small private area for large groups. One change however was the arrangement of the booths, which were a bit snug, but certainly not unmanageable, just not a feeling I like when I plan a belly buster of a meal.

                  My guest and I sat down and were immediately greeted by our waiter who opened our wine and listed the specials, seafood being the highlight, with the salmon provencal piquing my dining partner's interest. The menu was unique, with a good mix of salads, several dishes highlighting slightly unique ingredients. While our waiter was tied up, another waiter came over and took our order. We asked if the 'individual pizzas' would be a good idea to split as a first course. He said certainly and we ordered the Tuscan Salami pizza, with several Italian meats, aged provolone and the house made marinara. Let's just say the size of this pizza was understated. Six generous slices came out, and while these were delicious, with thin charred crust and scrumptious sauce (definitely commenting that it tasted like my Italian grandmother's pasta sauce), the portion does not really fit a table of 2 who intends to order full dinners. Regardless, a great opener.

                  My guest got the salmon provencal, served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Very simple yet everything was executed to perfection. There was some sort of tangy salsa on the plate that didn't seem to fit, and I'm curious of the chef's thought in including it. However it was neatly lining the side of the dish and did not interfere unless you wanted it to. I ended up getting the grilled pork chop with a wild mushroom Madeira sauce, served with the house-made gnocchi and roasted winter vegetables. At $19, this entree was a steal, but to say I would have paid $30 for is also true. Gorgeous thick-cut pork chop on the bone, light grill char on the outside and a succulent inside was great on its own, but add the light gnocchi and softness of the roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips, big wow. The only complaint was that I didn't have any bread to sop up the velvety mushroom sauce with! Service was a little on the slow side, but I wasn't in any hurry, and the ambiance, for me, was simple and elegant, particularly if you knew this place in its last incarnation. Definitely a spot that I will visit again and again!

                  Afterwards, I wanted to check out the MBar located next door, so we popped in to grab a quick drink there. For those who remember it, the bar section of this establishment wasn't much to look at, but had pool tables dart boards and other games. The 'game area' has been converted into a lounge feel, big couches, huge fireplace and comfy chairs, with the bar section complete with 3 or 4 plasmas. It was quiet for a Thursday night and my guest and I sat by the fireplace and enjoyed a drink. Not sure what kind of following this place will get, but it has a very chilled out vibe and could definitely be something that grows with the hipster crowd.

                  All in all, very impressed with this new jewel of Conshohocken!