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Dec 7, 2009 10:17 AM


Any suggestions for a light easy dessert to end a heavy meal of latkes and brisket? I am not at home and I have no access to a good bakery and I didn't bring my Chanukah cookie cutters.
I only have one oven here which will be in constant use.

I've made jello molds for this group of 7 before, so I want something different. Something that can be made the day before would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you mix dairy and meat, then I would recommend a lemon semifreddo. It's half way between a pudding and an ice cream, can be made in advance and is delicious. I can't remember which recipe I used but you'll find lots when you google.

    1. how about poached pears? there are so many different ways to flavor them - wine (red or sweet white), chocolate sauce, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom...and if dairy is okay, you can top or stuff them with lightly sweetened whipped ricotta (or use a dairy-free substitute).

      ETA: just noticed that you won't really be able to use the oven, but fortunately you can poach the pears on the stovetop.

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        I second the idea of poached pears. They are our fall Shabbat dessert of choice. Poach on stovetop with some wine and cinnamon sticks. Accompany with some pareve merengues if deemed necessary.
        Also, there are some great pareve fruit sorbets available: no work necessary!
        Have fun.

      2. I like sweet kugel recipes. It might not be light, but it is easy and can be prepared ahead. Served with some fresh fruit, maybe some whipped cream...

        1. My grandma always made a parve lemon mousse as a light dessert after lots of latkes. Nice and refreshing after a heavy meal.

          If you still want to make Chanukah cookies without the cutters, you can do them the day before using a knife to make 'puzzle pieces' freehand.

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            along those lines there is a lovely sweet potato mousse recipe in the times from last thanksgiving (a year ago). light yet delicious.

          2. A trifle is easy & can vary it with different fruits, cake and whipped cream and/or can bake the cake the day before or purchase store bought sponge, pound cake or what ever they have and just assemble on the day of...

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              i was going to suggest a trifle as well, using some light yogurt, angel food cake or ladyfingers and some fresh fruit...

              actually, my first thought was meringue cookies with some fresh fruit. truly light and easy to make ahead.