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Dec 7, 2009 10:16 AM

Free Range Chicken in DFW?

Anyone know where to get a real free-range, organic chicken in Dallas? Terms like, air chilled, organic ect... really frustrate me. They can be organic without being free range. I'm looking for a bird that has been running around, pecking worms and seeds. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You can order from the many local producers who sell them. They have various pickup points. Or if so inclined you can visit the farms and hand pick your bird. - Dominion Farms

    Since I have no idea what is close to you LocalHarvest has a list of producers also. Some might be a small time operation with no "official" organic certification but they follow they organic programs. I have run into this many times in my quest for ingredients. Most can't afford the cost of the certification programs.

    1. Windy Meadows chicken is some of the best chicken I've ever had-locally. But, ordering is a pain in the ass! You have to order and pick it up at someone's house in Lakewood.
      The best alternative: The Sprout's markets sell both, Rosie's and, Rocky's chickens from Petaluma, California. I buy them all the time. They are both, fresh, (not frozen) organic and pasture (free roaming) raised and, complete with neck, heart, liver and gizzards packed in a bag tucked inside. They can weigh upwards to as much as 6 lbs or more. And, they are, DELICIOUS!!!!

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        thanks for the Sprouts tip. Sounds easier. I'll try that first.

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          I see this is an old post but just for newer viewers/readers:
          I used to buy Rosie's, but I would encourage you to do more research. the chickens at Petaluma aren't as happy and free as you might think. For example, "have access to the outdoors" but that could mean a window or an air vent. and they are fed a controversial vegetarian corn/soybean feed (normal chicken diets are omnivorous). You can do a quick google search and find out more. I would recommend going to a farmer's market or buy from a local farm where you'd probably spend the same or less on a product you could feel more confident about.
          I quoted from here:

        2. the Texas Meats Supernatural consortium has a stand at the Dallas Farmer's Market - I think Friday, but definitely Saturday. They sell pastured chickens as well as eggs. They're inside shed 2

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            I purchase the majority of my meats there and have had chicken from Rehoboth Ranch and Windy Meadows - both are excellent. Texas Supernatural might not be as convenient as Sprouts (depending on where you live/work) and the chicken is generally frozen - however, I like to support our local providers whenever I can.

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              I live close to downtown. Farmers Market on Saturday, sounds like a good option, now that college football is over and I can peel myself from the couch!

          2. I buy from Sprouts but Burgundy Pasture Meats in Grandview, not too far south of Fort Worth in I35, delivers to DFW!!
            Try them at
            They also have links to producers of other free range products.

            1. Whole Food Markets sell pasture raised free range chickens from Vital Farms,

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                I can attest to the fact that they are very good. And they should be at $3.99 lb.

                1. re: twinwillow

                  So if I bought one for the purpose of making stock, would the flavor be more enhanced than the result from a "grocery store brand"??

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    I think it would for sure. However, I'd still consider a Rosie's chicken from Sprout's at $2.49 lb. Or best yet, a Windy Meadows chicken. Jimmy's Market is selling (frozen) locally raised organic free range chickens as well. Not sure of the price or brand, though.

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                        The Urban Acres store on Davis in Oak Cliff sells Windy Meadows chicken - whole and all sorts of cuts, including bags of chicken feet for stock.