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Dec 7, 2009 09:48 AM

Need suggestion for Rome, Jan 1, not too far from station, simple and nice

After 10 days in other parts of Italy, where we expect to eat well, we are arriving in Rome on January 1 and staying at the Hotel Canada not far from the train station, so that we can get a reasonably early start to the airport the next day. We'll have one night out in Rome, and we'd like to keep it casual and convenient to our hotel, particularly because we don't know when we're coming in or how exhausted we'll be from New Years celebrations. We've spent two weeks in Rome so we don't need to see the city, but it would be nice if the restaurant were on a lively street or piazza.
I suppose that the hotel might give us some decent local recommendations, but any thoughts from CH would be welcome.

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  1. Trimani Wine Bar, Via Cernaia 37B, should fill the bill quite nicely. You can easily walk there from the train station.

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        A number a years ago (11 to be precise), when stuck in a terrible hotel in the Termini area, dining at Trimani was my refuge. Since then I've read positive reports here on Chowhound. If you go there, specify than you want to eat, not just drink wine; the dining hours, at least 11 years ago, were a shade different. This is ultimately a wine place, and the wine is very good.