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Dec 7, 2009 09:43 AM

Real Candy Canes in New Haven Conn. area

Anyone know of a candy store in the New Haven area that makes or carries real candy canes - made with peppermint oil and sugar - not corn syrup and goopy artificial flavors?

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  1. There is a candy store in Old Saybrook that makes homemade candies - -I w il be there and will poke around there this coming weekend and see what they have - cannot remember the name - in the old historic pharmacy down Main Street - then will let you know - there used to be a pretty good chocolate and candy store across the street from the Yale Coop - don't remember the name or if it is even there anymore -

    1. Try Oronoque Farms in Shelton or Stratford. Original owners used to carry them years ago, but not sure now. Call first. Another place you may try is the Crackerbarrel giftshop in Milford---they have a lot of that old fashioned candy.