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Dec 7, 2009 09:41 AM

"How to cook": Need help teaching


I have a good friend who has asked me to teach him how to cook. I know what I am doing but I have never formally taught someone else. He has asked me to teach him the basics, cutting, chopping, sauté, etc. He wants to cook "weeknight" recipes that use most of these basic techniques, that are versatile and can be used with pork, chicken, fish, ect.

Please, does anyone have suggestions on how I can conduct this class in order to teach versatile techniques while still covering all the basics. We are planning on doing 3-5 classes so we can build on each session.

  1. You might ask him for a list of 10 or so dishes he's interested in learning to prepare. You have the knowledge to sort them from easiest to hardest, and you could structure your course that way.

    1. As a teacher I suggest starting small and working up. Meaning, simple techniques of food he likes to eat. You cook along together. He watches you then copies. When my husband agreed to cook along with me and the COTM group, he had few kitchen skills...except somewhere along the line he did learn how to make a pretty decent Marinara sauce. So we built on that. When we cook from a COTM he helps measure the ingredients for the mise en place, I do the heavy chopping, then he works at the stove while I read out the recipe step by step. A lot of praise and encouragement works wonders and, of course, builds confidence.

      I also suggest that you actually have a plan,similar to a lesson plan. Doesn't have to be extremely precise, just a simple outline so you know how you're going to proceed and what you want him to get from the lesson. If he asks a question you feel you can't answer be ready to say , "I don't know but I'll find ASAP." And, don't be embarrassed about it!

      I'm sure others will have their opinions on how to teach cooking... but this is how I would start. Good Luck and I hope everything goes well for you.

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