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Dec 7, 2009 09:37 AM

Cold, Dreary Weather food!

Cold, rainy/snowy weather season is here! What foods do chowhounds like to comfort themselves with when the weather is wet and cold outside?

I love when its raining outside and I'm able to wrap myself around in an over-sized blanket with large mug of good hot chocolate and warm cookies to munch on. yummm :)
(even better if I have a good book to go along with it...)

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  1. Mmm hearty soups (split pea soup, lentil soup), beef stew with dumplings (mmmmm) or pasta in red sauce with fresh mozzarella cheese are my go to's for cold weather cheer me ups.

    Warm cookies will always do the trick as well tough :-)

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    1. Soup noodles of any kind and any warm baked goodie from my oven, hence my love of Christmas baking!

      1. definately any type of soups I prefer split pea with ham, or bacon and bean soup lentil soup or miso is also good.

        1. Chile Verde w/ quesadillas
          Fireplace roaring
          Various music stylings
          Seagrams VO

          1. Chili, vegetable soup, hot cocoa, mulled wine, wassail, or hot apple cider...We got our frist snow today...I'm thinking chili for tonight.