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Dec 7, 2009 09:37 AM

New neighbourhood primer

Hi everyone-

I'll be moving to Montreal next week, and I was hoping that some of you might be able to give me some tips (both restaurant- and grocery-wise) about my new neighbourhood. I'll be living on Rue Hutchison, just north or Bernard. And while I'm of course willing to explore the city, and am keen to check out some places I've heard about in the Plateau or near Jean Talon, what I'm really interested in are places within a short walk of where I'll be staying (so, Mile End, along Ave du Parc, my part of Outremont, etc.).

I'm happy to hear all suggestions. Some particular points of interest include: a banh mi place (or Vietnamese place in general), great pizza, and quality seafood.

I'll also be working at McGill, so I'd be interested in hearing about anything of interest near the university as well.


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  1. I forgot to add (perhaps unnecessarily) that I'm more interested in affordable (but delicious) neighbourhood restaurants, rather than the more high-end bistro places. Basically just somewhere to grab a great, quick meal in a pinch.

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      heres a whole thing on budget friendly places to eat around mcgill, and in the third or so post, a whole bunch of OTHER links that also talk about the same thing. good luck sorting through them all!

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        You're moving into a great neighbourhood, but it's money now.
        Affordable is totally subjective. Give us actual $ figures and we can help you out. No real bargain chowhound places (quality/lower dollar) in the hood.

      2. That is a very pretty place, and well-served by public transport. Immediate locations include the strip on avenue du Parc mostly south of Bernard, but that is really just out your door. There are greengrocers, a recently-renovated Intermarché (Loblaws banner for small shops, but often featuring "ethnic" stuff), Nouveau Falerno for fish, a smallish SAQ outlet. Bernard is obviously posher in Outremont than in Mile-End: a good cheesemonger (forget the name, hounds will fill in), 5 saisons which is an upscale Métro banner - usually expensive but good for some specialities.

        I'm more familiar with banh mi and general Vietnamese places more where I live closer to the Jean-Talon market and métro (walkable but not a short "nip out" walk). You can take the 160 bus due east to Pho Tay Ho at the corner of Beaubien and St-Denis, or the 80, walking a bit east of avenue du Parc, to Nhu Y.

        1. I love the Guyanese/Caribbean place at Clark and St. Viateur...tasty and cheap...they're moving soon to a larger spot but it will be right next door. Chez Van on Laurier just east of Parc isn't bad for affordable Vietnamese. I like the greasy breakfast at Nouveau Palais (Bernard just east of Parc) and the place on the southwest corner of Fairmount and St. Urbain. You can find decent Portuguese roasted chicken on St. Viateur (I'm blanking on names today!) and the Polish place, too, is fantastic (Euro-Deli Batory, also on St. Viateur).

          You can satisfy your Smoked Meat craving at Lester's on Bernard, though if you can save it for Schwartz's, make the trip there. Make sure you visit Ceskie's bakery (Bernard just west of Parc) for not only one of the best Jewish bakeries in the city but one of the best bakeries period.

          You can walk down Hutchison to Fairmount and eat at Le Croissanterie Figaro (more than just croissants) and Rumi, both of which are really good but slightly pricier.

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            1. For vietnamese, including average banh mi, there's Milani on Bernard (between Jeanne-Mance and Esplanade). Maybe they have good items off menu?