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Dec 7, 2009 09:35 AM

Oliver Green's (YYC)

Keeping with my theme of eateries in the 'hood, I started to wonder who here's tried this place. It's where Perry's Pointe of View (which I HATED!) used to be.

I have been there quite a few times, as it's within walking distance of my house. I'm almost always amazed by how good it is. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the crappy brunch buffet, but at least that's cheap (although I'm not sure they still have it).

We went there on the weekend for lunch, and I had an enchilada that was really good. My husband had chicken tikka, which was excellent, and my dad had chicken vindaloo that came with a really good naan. I've never had good naan before. I kept stealing bits of it. My husband's chicken was amazingly tender.

I remember somebody on here telling me that they've never given the place a second thought because it looks so dingy, but they definitely have the ability to cook well. They used to have an even more interesting looking menu, but unfortunately they've toned it down a bit. Still pretty big and varied, though.

My only complaints are that it's sooo cold in there! And kind of dark.

If you've tried it, let me know what you thought. I'm just curious.

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  1. When I worked in the Industrial Park this was a regular lunch spot. I always enjoyed their pizza. We had them do a buffet for us for a Christmas company lunch. I recall that a few things were hit and miss on the buffet that day but overall it was pretty good.

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    1. re: Lucki

      The biggest problem with their brunch buffet is that it's so cold in there, by the time you get back to the table your eggs are cold. I hate cold eggs. Plus the first time we went, they had really fresh and delicious mini croissants, and the next time the croissants were stale.

      Geez, I shoulda suggested it for my TOPS Christmas party. Maybe next year.

      1. re: cancowboy

        This is the ultimate postmodern urban Canadian greasy spoon menu.

        1. re: John Manzo

          It's kinda different, isn't it? They used to have (fantastic) chicken souvlaki, as well as a bunch of Mediterranean-sounding stuff (like stuff wrapped in grape leaves, for example).

      2. That was probably me who commented that I had not given it a second thought. We can walk there as well and it always just looked like a dingy bar.

        After your suggestion we have been in to eat once but we regularly order takeout. The interior is much better than expected from the outside and the restaurant itself is very clean.

        Their Indian is delicious and we have also had the pizza a few times.

        Thanks for the suggestion Lainey1978! It is great to have something reliable so close and it is nice to have the opportunity to support the neighbourhood.

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        1. re: ladybugs65

          Oh, yeah, it was you! I'm glad you ended up trying it. I never thought about getting takeout. Hmmm...

          I've never tried the pizza, because I love my own pizza so much. But maybe someday.

          Way better than Perry's, hey? I'm glad you like it! :o)