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Dec 7, 2009 09:01 AM

Coming to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl

I'll be making a quick trip down for the Gator Bowl on 12/31 and staying at the 4 Points Sherton on Baymeadows Rd. Looking for 2 things:

1) Good local seafood restaurant nearby, preferably casual.

2) A good market to get fresh local seafood for tailgating on gameday.

I would be willing to drive a bit for either, if necessary.

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  1. There are quite a few fish camps in Jacksonville. The closest one to you is probably Clark's Fish Camp. They have an interesting atmosphere, and the food is always solid. If you do a search for "fish camp" and "jacksonville," I believe there's a recent thread in which people rate their favorite jacksonville fish camps.

    My favorite casual seafood place in JAX is in Mayport at the Safe Harbor Seafood Market. I forget the name of the restaurant there, but if you just look up safe harbor, you'll find it. The seafood market there is also excellent. They get a lot of traffic, so everthing is always fresh. At least to my knowledge, it's the best in Jax. It is a little bit of hike from where you are staying, but in my opinion, worth the trip (for both the restaurant and market). If you want a closer seafood market, the Seafood Gourmet on San Jose Blvd. is also very good and relatively close to you (10 minutes).

    Good luck.

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      The restaurant is called Safe Harbor, as well. A little further up the street from there is Singleton's Seafood Shack, also with a fresh seafood market. With both of these, you can pick out what you want and have it cooked for you. HOWEVER, they are some distance from where you will be staying.

      I heard on the news the other night that they are planning to have food booths downtown for the Gator Bowl, on a slightly smaller scale than they had for the Super Bowl a few years ago. Area restaurants will be represented, so you might happen on some good food at one of the booths. The Gator Bowl is not far from Jacksonville Landing, but I wouldn't recommend any of the restaurants there.

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