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Dec 7, 2009 08:57 AM

Somewhere to watch the UF game on New Years Day?

In town for New Year's weekend. There will be 4 of us, 1 huge Gator's fan, myself, I cannot stand football but he insists on watching the game. Does anyone have a rec? Maybe a casual bar where he can watch the game and I can entertain myself in some other way? We are staying on the UES, 89th between 1st & 2nd but are open to other locations. Somewhere w decent munchies in case we get hungry mid game? Thanks!

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  1. If you hop the 6 train south and get off at 34th street, walk east until you get to 3rd. There are 5-10 bars in the area of 35th and 3rd down to 27th 3rd. They will all have the game on and have decent pub food.

    1. I think Brother Jimmy's on 3rd and 92nd is a big SEC bar. But just about any bar that night will have the games on. And there's always the Kinsale w/great tv's and great beers 2 blocks north on 94th St.

      1. The top Gator bar in NYC is the Gin Mill on the UWS (around 81st and Columbus). This would be the best place to watch for your Gator fan. The entire bar is only Gator fans and they only play the UF game. For something less overwhelmingly-UF but still fun, there is Brother Jimmy's (on UES and UWS) and Blondie's (UWS). These bars will play many games and the food is decent (Bro Jimmy's = BBQ - not as good as FL though, Blondie's = Typical sports bar food).

        Hope this helps! Enjoy your trip.

        1. Great!!!! We are def goin to check out Gin Mill, and maybe a couple of the other's if they are in a few blocks of eachother. I'll check out the address'. THANKS EVERYONE! :)

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            Just a note about Gin Mill on Gator days... I'm not a gator fan, but I have a good friend who is. Firstly, it's probably going to be absolutely stuffed to the gills in there. Second, if you have any hope of scoring a table, you'll probably need to call to reserve. Third, you won't be able to do much of anything except watch the game.

            Food is standard pub fare. Wings, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, etc. I haven't been up there in a number of years so I can't recall if they were any good or not.

          2. or something else just did a whole list of what schools goto what bar. i think if u google something like college football bars in NYC u will get your answer. i remember reading that flroida has more than one alumni spot