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Dec 7, 2009 08:52 AM

SEA Whole Duck?

Where do you prefer to buy whole, uncooked duck in Seattle?

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  1. Butcher Shop Cafe in Kenmore... open tues-sat 11- 7p... place has turned into a real gem. If you are having duck (or any fowl... or fine beef) at a fine restaurant it is probably coming from here. Ask for Bill. 425.485.4658

    1. University Seafood and Poultry.

        1. With head? I've seen them at HMart in Lynnwood. I don't recall whether the ones at Ranch 99 Edmonds have their heads. Probably so (the deli bbq ones do). I've also seen extra feet (boned), gizzards, and tongues at 99.

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            No need for head. I'm close to the I-District. Any others besides Uwajimaya?

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              I've gotten mine at Viet Wah (12th and Jackson in the I-District). They're cheap, raised cheap, but always there. If you're in a rush and want an already-finished duck, the BBQ shop on 12th around the corner is almost the same price as the uncooked duck itself.