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Dec 7, 2009 08:27 AM

New Year's Eve in the Berkshires

My wife and I love the Berkshires. This year we secured babysitting for New Year's Weekend and we are heading up for some peace and quiet and food. I am looking for recommendations on a good meal with entertainment for New Year's Eve -- preferalby among contemporaries rather than the "young at heart". Any suggestions? It is also our Anniversary weekend, so I would also appricatiate recommendations for a nice romatic spot for Saturday night.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough certainly qualifies as "romantic with good food." Entertainment, hmmm.

      1. Glad you should ask!
        I've been researching this topic for over a month now.
        Try the Gateways Inn in Lenox.----where we are going.
        They have a $100-apiece 6-course dinner with an hr. of appetizers, before dinner and 9-piece jazz band playing from 9pmish-1amish.
        I think this will fit your bill best.
        I believe this is an "older" crowd setting rather than "younger crowd" setting in an elaborate inn.
        They have packages as well.
        Check out thier web site(
        )This was the best I could find in the area.
        Cranwell has a wedding so that was out and The Red Lion Inn has packages that start around $800 (you might want to check that out as well),and a few places have other entertainment.
        I skipped the Red Lion because I thought they would be overly crowded and their Lion's Den(downstairs) usually has a younger ,nosier,crowd.
        You might also want to go to and punch in special events to find out which other restaurants are open and offering entertainment for New Year's Eve.
        When you go to the Berkshires site you'll find out which reataurants are open Saturday night as well.
        I'd recommend Chez Nous in Lee(which I know will be open as they told us so when we were there Friday night),Rouge in West Stockbridge,or John Andrews Restaurant.
        I don't think youcan go wrong at any of these places for your Saturday night.
        Inn on the Green(where we haven't been as yet)seems like another fine possibility as so many here have pointed out.
        Have FunI