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Dec 7, 2009 08:05 AM

Sweet Munchee Cheese?

Sweet Munchee Cheese ... this is apparently a popular processed cheese widely available in many NY deli's .... I have had it in NY as well as Florida. It is sometimes referred to as "Sweet Muenster" yet is processed unlike real muenster cheese. It also appears to be unavailable in the Boston area.

A checked with Rubin's, Michael's and Barry's. Can anyone suggest some other deli's I might consult?

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  1. i realize this is a few years old but did you ever find it in the boston area?

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        Cool. Do you know if anyone else does?

        1. re: soxdave

          No, sorry! I looked it up because I used to get it in the Chicago area when I lived lived there.
          I am visiting Philadelphia / NY this week, and plan to find a Wegmans myself.
          I think I found the stores on the Munchee cheese website.

          1. re: jmcarthur8

            Grew up in NYC but live in SF for many years. In addition to the usual suspects, meaning places it is always available i.e. NY, Florida and LA.... I have purchased from reliable Renards Cheese but pricy at about $9/lb plus about $10/lb shipping. GOOD NEWS... found a new Wisconsin cheese company Dupont Cheese who sells their P package for $32 including shipping and this package is for FOUR POUNDS of any cheese. I ordered 4lbs of Munchee for total $32 which I suspect is equal to or even less then some retail prices. Their web page: