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Dec 7, 2009 07:49 AM

kavod or Le Chateaubriand in Paris

hi hounders.... I am looking for a restaurant for dinner for 6 in Paris. We haven't seen each other in years, so I am looking for something special (and it needs to be kosher). I am hesitating between Kavod and Chateaubriand. Any suggestions? Anyone been to either recently? Many thanks.

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  1. Was at Kavod in early Nov. Food was mediocre. Had better foie gras and steak at Osmose and Le Jaguar. My fish was overcooked. My molten chocolate cake was no better than you would get at any Bar Mitzvah. Sommelier was so slow to return that we decided against a second bottle of wine.

    Haven't been to Chateaubriand so can't comment.

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      I second both of daphnar's suggestions, and rank both above chateaubriand.

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        Wanted to see if I could revive this topic and get some updated info from any one who has been to Paris recently. I understand Chateaubriand is closed (though there's another resto with the same name, so that was a bit confusing) and it looks like Izaaki and Kavod are the two "good" kosher restaurants still operating.

        Has anyone had a recent experience at either or is there anywhere else worth looking at for a nice dinner?

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          I was at Izaaki a few months ago and it was fabulous!

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            I was at Le Kavod in December and was very unimpressed with service and food.