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Dec 7, 2009 07:39 AM

A couple of places in Pacific Plaza, Wembley (LONDON)

This place recently opened in Wembley Retail Park (also known as Wembley City, ridiculously enough). It's sort of like Oriental City, with some places that used to exist there now opened here.

I went today and tried two places: Hot Korean and Tetote Factory.

Had the bulgogi deopbap. The bulgogi deopbap was slices of short ribs, marinated in sugar, sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce, then stir fried with julienned carrots, spring onions, courgettes and cabbage, then topped with sesame seeds. Good stir frying technique. Served with a mound of sticky rice, this dish was garlicky, smoky, sweet and delicious. The rice was pleasingly bland, picking up all of the flavours of the marinade. At £6.50 it's still rather cheap and in line with old OC prices. Dishes range from £2-4 for starters, then £4-8 for larger plates.

Also went to Tetote factory, which is a bakery in the same style as the old one in OC, which I think is now Wonderful Patisserie (Hendon and Leicester Square).
Curry pan was great. Crispy outside from the panko breadcrumbs which gave way to a soft, doughy bread inside and then the curry filling, which was subtly spiced and very more-ish. A great rendition, better than the version at the Japan Centre and Wonderful Patisserie, as points of reference.
Epi was also very, very good. Something I've not tried before, this was a sort of sourdough plait, filled with a cheese (cheddar, perhaps) and studded with bits of smoky bacon. Most easily compared to good Neopolitan pizza crust, this was chewy, salty and greasy…in a good way.
Finally, we tried the Custard pan. Another success, this time the custard filling came in a satisfyingly soft bun topped with three flaked almond pieces which gave a pleasing crunch to the overall consistency. The custard filling was essentially a creme patissiere, smooth and flecked with vanilla beans.

For those of you who only went to Oriental City once or twice, this place will hopefully replicate the old favourite and will perhaps even be better. I am very excited about this place.

Blog post here with pictures and more writing:

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  1. re: Tetote -- Great find, many thanks!

    Beautiful crusty epi, cushiony soft on the inside, with even smallish bubbles, but with more of a brown whole-wheaty heft than a classical baguette. A perfect spot of bacon in the centre, its smoky flavour gently permeating the bread. Easily superior and certainly more refined than the bacon brioche at the Ledbury.

    Adzuki (red bean) buns -- probably the best I've ever had - incredibly smooth filling, light puffy bread.

    A brioche-like base with a soft thick snappy crust and light wispy interiors serves as a seat from sweet custardy filling, with either raspberries, blueberries or rum and raisin, each expressive and fruity.

    They bake throughout the day, which means not everything is available, but what is there is really fresh. The crispness of the crusts, the flavour of the breads, the well calibrated texture recall the technical accomplishment I experienced with the breads at Helene Darroze at the Connaught, despite their stylistic differences.

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    1. re: limster

      Glad you tried them out, Limster!

      They really are exceptional bakers. You must try their baguette if it's available on your next visit; one of the best baguettes I've ever tasted.

      1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

        I'm glad I tried them out too. :)

        As the the baguette, will have to see my luck the next time I'm there. Things seem to run out quickly, only to be replenished with something else fresh from the cooling rack or oven. They would be highly rated anywhere, and it's easy to say that they're one of London's best bakery.

        BTW, have you tried Cocomaya?

        1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

          Yeah, it was a nice bakery. Noticed lots of bags of Shipton Mill flour in the window, which is always a good start. I got the last baguette when I went. The crust was very good, had a great crunchy, rustic texture to it. The crumb was more like a ciabatta, so I wouldn't strictly call this a French baguette. But irrespective of what you name it, it was an awesome piece of bread.

          1. re: deansa

            Oh wait - that was the baguette (wasn't sure what kind of bread then); agree on all counts.

            1. re: deansa

              Limster - I have been to Cocomaya, but not since the bakery opened. Must try it out. I remember your post late last year about it. Sounds terrific!

              deansa - Agreed, it is quite ciabatta-like. Also agree that irrespective of the label, it's a mighty bit of baking.

        2. Did you used to go to Oriental City? I loved the food court, miss it very much!!!!!

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          1. re: UK2004

            I did! Every weekend, in fact :)

            The Pacific Plaza food court isn't anywhere near as good as the Oriental City food court was, but there's a couple of things worth trying. I miss the old OC food court was great.

            1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

              I loved the Oriental Garden stall, reminded me of being in KL, they have opened a place in Colindale on the edgware road called Fehrenggi Bay, miss the lemongrass stall too they did the best nasi goreng kampung!!

          2. Unfortunately Pacific Plaza has closed now which is such a shame because despite it not being OC it was still worthy of a visit, especially Tetote. I was wondering if anyone had any news about what is happening with Tetote and whether they're relocating, because they really deserve so much better.

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            1. re: emusinthezone

              ?!?! I thought it had just closed because of Bank holiday, I sayw this thread on Friday and ran up there on Saturday - massive mission with the replacement bus - but yes, it was shut.....So it no longer exists?

              1. re: ShekhaV

                Nope. They've put up a notice on the tetote/Doki site which says:

                "Doki Japanese Tableware & tetote factory Japanese bakery are closed until further notice. The lease contract between Quintain Wembley Retail Park Limited (QTW) and Pacific Plaza Holdings Limited (PPH) had been expired on 31st December 2010. P.P.H. has been applying for renewal the lease. But they haven’t paid rent to QTW, even though all tenants have been paying to P.P.H. QTW has noticed P.P.H. to withdraw, but P.P.H. has never informed it to all tenants. Therefore, the Pacific Plaza has been locked out by QTW. We will inform you further information on our website : about relocation and opening as soon as possible. We apologize for all the inconvenience."

                I knew there were issues with PP but that is really shocking. I'll keep an eye on the site and hopefully they'll have some relocation news soon.


              For all those who loved Tetote - it should be opening again next month in South Ealing, once they've sorted out premises. Hoping it might be slightly bigger and with a place to sit down, but having it back in any form is fantastic news.

              1. Does anyone know what happened to the other eateries from pacific plaza? Especially the family that came along at weekends to make momo cha dumplings.... They were so good and I still miss them! Any ideas?