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Dec 7, 2009 07:35 AM

CLE- Awesome gyros in Lakewood

I just wanted to alert the Cleveland chowhounds about a new gyro place that opened. I don't know the exact name, but it is on Madison, just west off of Bunts in Lakewood. All gyros are just 4 dollars, and they serve an amazing one with roast pork called a "Greek" gyro. The pork is so succulent, with a little bit of fat and it makes a nice change from the traditional lamb. The fries are good, but I split the huge greek salad (also 4 dollars) with my SO, and dinner for two is $12! FYI, there are counters to eat there, but the place is tiny and the food is messy, so public consumption can be difficult...

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  1. I believe it's called Greek Village. I made a note about it when I passed it on my way to El Tango.

    Messy in public doesn't really bother me. Thanks for the report. It sounds like it's worth checking out.

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      That's the one, Stuart, just a few blocks east of El Tango. I take-out, because I have to eat gyros with a knife and fork, otherwise I wind up wearing the sauce!

      1. re: kathrynanne

        What else is on the menu. I don't do gyros, because I can't stand that chopped/form meat gunk. Though the pork one sounds somewhat intriguing, I'd like to know what else there is, if anything.

        1. re: rockandroller1

          OK, I went back this weekend. They now do a lot of other traditional Greek items besides the gyros: souvlaki, avgolemono, saganaki, pastitso, etc. I haven't tried the other things, but I will. Living in Lakewood is great becuase there are so many reasonable independent places to dine at...

          1. re: kathrynanne

            Thx, I will check it out. N or S side of the street? Trying to picture where exactly it might be.

            1. re: rockandroller1

              It is on the south side of Madison, directly acroos from the football field. Report back on what you get!

    2. I want to try the pork too. I don't eat bread,so I will probably have them throw it on a salad. Now...when am I next in lakewood....scanning planer.

      1. I went a while ago. I had a grilled pork pita sandwich. The pork was well cooked. It was still juicy. It had a little flavor. With the sauce and veggies, it was a nice sandwich. The one drawback is the pita itself. It's the same stuff you'd get in any gyro place. It's fluffy which is nice, but not much else. It's too bad Abba's isn't still around. I could take pita to Greek/Lebanese/Turkish resaurants all over the city and just have them fill it instead of using their own weak bread.

        I'll definitely be back.