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Dec 7, 2009 07:32 AM

Vietnamese pickling- carrots - daikon

i have some sitting on my shelf now.. a few more days till they get their needed 3-5 days.

My question is.. what happens if they sit longer then 3-5 days? and whats their fridge life after those 3-5 days are done?

Can they stay in the water and i take out as i use?

or must the water be dumped? or can they stay in the water until i finish them?

if thats so.. the 3-5 days doesnt make sense unless thats the minimum time it needs to get pickled.

thanks so much!


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  1. When I make pickled daikon & carrots, I keep them in the liquid in the fridge for about 12 hours and then discard the liquid - otherwise they get too strong. I've found they keep for about a week. 3-5 days seems like a long time for cut-up vegetables to brine.

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    1. re: small h

      so when i discard the liquid.. i just keep them in the container without liquid? they wont dry ?


      and i hope im not letting them soak too long

      the recipe i found calls for 3-5 days! damn!

      1. re: lestblight

        This is the recipe I use (I halve the sugar):

        I drain the liquid and store the vegetables in a glass jar. But I always finish a batch within a week - maybe you should retain the liquid if you keep them longer.

    2. It's really a matter of taste. I kind of like my pickled veggies kick-you-in-the-nuts strong so I leave them in my pickling brine refrigerated until I need to use them. (My recipe calls for the veggies spending a night on the counter and then going into the fridge.) Very probably, all the water soluble nutrients leach out of the vegetables and into the brining solution over time, but the vegetables haven't killed me, yet. Experiment with the brining period a bit and see what you like. The pickles should last two to three weeks like this.

      1. There are so many recipes out there. 3-5 days does seem long, but if the salt/sugar solution is weak it could work. It could be a bit more forgiving, in fact. It's easy to get over-salty pickles using stronger brines if you're not careful. But you should start taste testing them after day one so you can start serving them when they taste just right.

        As for how long they keep -- many weeks if you keep them moist. They are not likely to go bad, but may go limp. If they start to ferment, no worries -- instead of pickles now you have kimchi.