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Dec 7, 2009 06:41 AM

Saturday lunch before ballet at Lincoln Center

You guys helped me out a couple of months ago, so I'm going to ask again :-)

This Saturday, my wife & I are going to see the Nutcracker at 2 PM at Lincoln Center.

Looking for a place to eat lunch reasonably nearby (moderate walking distance OK, can take a taxi if necessary, on an MTA bus line a plus --- she doesn't like to ride the subway) before the show.

Last time, someone suggested J G Melon's on the UES for lunch after a Dr. Appt. .... and we had a very nice time. That was much appreciated.

So what say the group for this Saturday noon on the mid-to-upper West Side ?

By way of reference, here's what I posted for my last query ----

"We enjoy casual, not fancy or formal, American food ,,,, ideally someplace 'fun' or 'interesting' (but not too eclectic) with good desserts a definite plus .... low to moderate priced. Usually we just end up grabbing a sandwich at Lenny's on 1st between 68th & 69th. We also like Katz's Deli, Levain Bakery, Grimaldi's, etc. when in their respective parts of town. Personally, I'm a Barney Greengrass fan. My wife really enjoyed lunch a while back at Alice's Tea Cup. In New Haven, we eat at Louis' Lunch. In Portland, we liked American Flatbread and Silly's."

Will watch for replies. Many thanks !

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  1. My go-to restaurants before Lincoln Center are: Josephina across the street on B'way, or O'Neals on 64th just east of B'way. My third choice is Fiorello's next door to Josephina. For a nice lunch though, I will say that Fiorello's has a very good antipasti offering. Make your own choices from a very large array of veg, and non-veg offerings, hot & cold. It might be just the thing. You will need a reservation anywhere there. The advantage is that you can just walk across the street - no big deal, no matter the weather, no extra transportation so no worry about being late. All of these places are accustomed to getting everyone out on time for the curtain.

    1. PJ Clarke's Lincoln
      Tel: 212.957.9700
      44 West 63rd Street
      New York, NY 10023

      Phenomenal burgers

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        2nd PJ Clarkes. Similar to JG Mellon and right across from Lincoln Center.

      2. The $26 brunch at Bar Boulud. It's Americanized French. You can order an extra dessert. Reserve on Open Table.

        1. For low to moderate price, given the restaurants you have listed, I would think PJ Clarke's would work well for you, since it is right across the street and good enough. Walk up broadway though and check out the menu's for Firello's and Josephina, and Bar Boulud while you are at it. They are all super close to each other, so why not decide by looking at the menu's and atmospheres?