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What are your favorite sandwich fixin's?

My favorite sammy is homemade w/w bread with real mayo, hot hoagie spread, a touch of onion and loaded with iceberg lettuce! Pretty much a hoagie without any meat or cheese. I could eat this everyday. Healthier for you too. What are your favorite fixin's?

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  1. I love good rye and pumpernickel bread. I also love good pastrami, sour kraut, swiss cheese and spicy mustard.

    1. I am not big on cold sandwiches (or sandwiches in general for that matter), but every now and then I find one with just the right combination of quality ingredients that I find just amazing. Last week I had a "Chilled Grilled Chicken Sandwich" that was described on the menu as a "classic Vietnamese sandwich". It was sliced chicken breast, lightly tossed in a herbed mayonaise, on a fresh baguette with red onions, cilantro and sliced fresh jalapenos. It was so big and so delicious that I saved the second half for breakfast the next morning. Of all places, I never would have guessed I could have gotten something so yummy at an airport wine bar. They must make good money off their $9 glasses of wine, because this huge sandwich that came with an also very good small side salad was only $10.99 - not bad for good airport food.

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        Sounds like a banh mi. It's a Vietnamese restaurant staple, usually absurdly cheap.

      2. Turkey, avocado, thinly sliced cucumber, tomato, thinly sliced red onion, leaf of lettuce, on whole wheat.

        1. When it comes to sandwiches, I can't come up with one favorite. If it's hot, then a grilled cheese with ham or bacon. If it's cold, then turkey, with mayo, iceburg lettuce, & thinly sliced tomato on white, it it's a salad type, I love chicken, egg, and tuna all pretty equally.

          1. Hummus, roasted red peppers, avacado, goat cheese on homemade bread.

            1. Hot pastrami or corned beef piled high on fresh rye with swiss and a touch of brown mustard lightly toasted with a pickle or a good peanut butter & jelly sandwich on 9 grain bread...

              1. Home Grown, Vine Ripened, Blood Red Tomato Sammich on wheat, Salt, Pepper, and lots of Dukes Mayonnaise...Napkins are a must!!.. A Wash cloth is even better!!

                1. I have only 2 sandwiches I think about so much. I will make the first sandwich in any month of the year, the second one just had one again in at least 10 years
                  1 day after turkey dinner sandwich Turkey,mashed potato,cranberry sauce,stuffing and gravy on good ole white brad soft and spongee
                  2 proper BLT with heirloom tomato,apple-wood bacon and crisp cold iceberg lettuce and toasted salted bread

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                    I concure with both of these most excellent sandwiches. With the addition of mayonnaise on the BLT and NO mashed potatoes and gravy on the turkey sandwich.

                  2. this is a hard one, because i love sandwiches, and eat one every day for lunch. I love a good italian mixed sandwich on sliced crusty italian bread with mortadella, capicola, and peppered ham with fresh mozzerella, spinach, sliced red onion, and mayonnaise, pressed on a panini press. I love a Rachael (sliced pastrami, swiss cheese, and summer slaw on toasted rye with 1000 island dressing). Also a good BLT with mayo on toasted white bread. Also on white bread: Good tomatoes from my garden, mayo, salt and pepper. On a wheat ciabatta: rare roast beef, gorgonzola, red onion, spinach, tomato, mayo, and honey mustard. Okay now i really want a sandwich.

                    1. Hot Sandwich: steak sandwich w/ provolone, challah buttered and grilled.

                      Cold Sandwich: egg or chicken salad sandwich

                      Healthy Sandwich: Whole-wheat Pita stuffed with turkey breast, part-skim provolone, tomato, mushrooms, olive oil, oregano, put it inside aluminium paper and in the oven.... delicious...

                      Childhood fav sandwich: besides the good old grilled cheese, i just enjoyed warm soft squared bread spreaded with good old mayo. when i wanted to get fancy (i was 11) i would put pickles in it.

                      Newest Sandwich I am loving very much: pastrami and AMERICAN or Provolone cheese.. yes I said it AMERICAN cheese =P lol

                      Anything with Pepperoncini (banana peppers) is also lovely.

                      1. to me nothing beats great wholewheat bread with grains and egg mayonnaise (egg salad for americans), with lots of mayo.

                        Hot, ok I am weird but I like toast, mayo, sliced tomatoes and salt. Just the toast is hot.