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Dec 7, 2009 06:36 AM

86 West in Doylestown

Has anyone been here yet. It just opened next to the Knight House. (Which I love.) Am considering heading there for a holiday dinner with some friends from work. What's the buzz?

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  1. no! I didn't even know something was opening next to the Knight House. Please post review if you go! :-)

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      OK, here's the scoop. The decor is modern, yet warm; Leroy Nieman signed prints add splashes of color. There are 2 bars - one in front and the other in back. We had a table in the back next to the fireplace, which was perfect on a winter night.

      Their are two parts to the menu: Sushi & small plates. 2 of our group had the sushi, and enjoyed their generous portions. Myself and the 4th member of our group sampled the small plates: goat cheese with truffle honey, shrimp escabeche, calamari, and lobster mac & cheese. The goat chese was lightly coated & crispy on the outside, paired with a handful of greens, The honey was fragrant, and the taste lived up to the aroma. The shrimp was served cold with a fresh tasting tomato & lime salsa and garnished with plaintain chips. Also tasted my friend's mac & cheese - penne with big chunks of lobster in a lighter sauce than I might have expected. Nicely balanced. To finish it off, we shared the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate dessert: mini chocolate ice cream cookie sandwiches, chocolate mousse, and a wedge of flourless chocolate cake, the last being my favorite. (The ice cream cookie was really hard to cut and splattered on impact.)

      The service was good: attentive & helpful in picking dishes & quantity. We all had 2 or 3 glasses of wine: pinot grigio and pinot noir. I had the noir, which was light bodied and satisfying. So, for the wine, dinner & dessert our bill came to about $37 per person with tip. Not bad for the quality of the food and service. Everyone in the group is planning to go back with a friend or spouse.

    2. Was there on Friday night (First Fri in D-Twon). Place had upbeat, hopping vibe, Look is modern not typical Bucks County. . Had wine and some apps. (sushi) Good friendly service...hard to find a seat! Owners same as Knight House.

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        Thanks! We are booked for Wednesday night, so I'll report back after that.