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Dec 7, 2009 06:32 AM

Best Italian rum cake in the city?

Anyone have any advice on the best Italian rum cake in the city? I'd assume Villabate, but am open for more suggestions.

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  1. Artuso Pastry Shop, E. 187th St, "Little Italy in the Bronx"

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    1. re: JohnAM

      Well, I bought one just before your response arrived. Ended up doing a amaretto cake from Villabate Alba. The cream was amaretto, and it had amaretti cookies around the outside, while the actual cake had rum in it.

      Not overly rummy, but a tasty cake nonetheless. I don't know if my wife was looking for something more akin to a baba rhum, but she enjoyed it. It's worth noting that the decoration of this 12" cake, which cost all of $28, was absolutely beautiful.

      1. re: lambretta76

        I dont really know what an "italian rum cake" is.
        is this an Italian American thing?
        guess I need to do some research in my Italian baking books - what we had in Naples, for example was baba rhums